New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern

New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern

I am a crocheter, I can knit but I really don’t like to but I love the Sashay ruffle scarfs and recently had an order for 12 of them from one of the stores I sell at. I used the method where you insert your hook every other stitch for 10-12 stitches and then pull the last stitch through all the rest, but after crocheting a few of them I realized that I really didn’t like the way they were coming out. They weren’t full enough and they had a “flat” side and you could see the stitches.

I researched other ways to crochet the scarfs and wasn’t happy with that method either (3sc, ch2 or other variations of this method) they didn’t twist and curl the way I wanted them to.

So this is what I came up with, I’ve had the pattern tested and the testers agreed, this method works so much better. The scarfs are full and fluffy and they don’t have any flat parts you can also barely see (if you can see them at all) any stitches.

I hope you enjoy using my new method and sashay scarf pattern.  If you have any questions please send me a comment, I’d love to see your finished products as well.

You can also watch the video tutorial for the New and Improved Sashay Scarf

Here are the results from Jessie At Home



one skein of Sashay Ruffle yarn in color of choice
5.5 mm hook

 Fix each ruffle in between and after stitch and make sure that the stitches are as close as possible where it says in very next space as this is what locks the ruffle in place so that you can’t see the stitches.


Unfurl about 2 feet of yarn, or you can take the time to unwind the entire skein and wind it on to a toilet paper roll.  I personally thing this makes the process so much easier and quicker.  I also put the toilet paper roll with the yarn on my paper towel dispenser which makes it even easier to work up.


Working on second row down (not top set of loops but row below) Insert hook in third space. Insert hook into every other space 7 more times for a total of 8 loops on the hook.

Yarn over in the very next space (closest possible to your hook) and pull through 4 (or half) of the loops on your hook.  Yarn over again in the very next (closest possible to your hook) space and pull through the remaining loops on your hook.  That completes the ruffle… now to lock that ruffle in place you are going to yarn over again, into the very next space and sl st that loop through the loop on the hook.  This will complete the first ruffle.

Repeat until you reach the end of the skein.  To end, just sl st through and finish off the way you would with any yarn and tie the end in a knot.  You can also tie the ends and then tack and sew down each end for added security.

You can also read about how I like to wear my Sashay Scarfs HERE

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Have fun and happy hookin’


  1. 1

    Onda says

    Going to give your method a try. I agree with your evaluation of the 10-12 stitch method, flat sides, etc. However, after knitting a couple to figure out how it works, I started crocheting (I’m so much faster with a hook) and would crochet in rows of 4 stitches of sc, then ch 2 turns. Looks like your after scarf. will be interesting to compare. thanks for sharing!!

    • 2

      Lorene says

      I think the method you do (while it is still very full) doesn’t corkscrew quite as nice as the other method… I have done it both ways (all sorts of ways actually) lol.

  2. 5

    Kristi says

    Do you have a youtube video? I have been making these and mine have been flatter than I like. I can’t wait to try this.

  3. 7

    Randi Delany says

    I guess I’m missing something here. I’ve seen these scarves, but have never made one. I don’t see a beginning to your pattern, how many chains, a first row, anything that comes before your pattern stitch, so I don’t know how to get started. Other folks seem to know just what to do, so I feel like a dunce, although I’ve been crocheting for 46 years.

    • 8

      Lorene says

      There is no special way to begin, just insert your hook into the first loop then pick up the recommended # of loops and pull through. that will be your first stitch and your first ruffle. If you look on my blog you will see another post on sashay scarves… I am wearing it as a cowl in the picture. There is a video on that post that will get you started. The method she uses is different then mine but it will at least show you how to begin. Thanks.

  4. 9

    Onda says

    Hi Lorene,

    Having been “away” from crochet for a while, I missed even knowing that ruffle yarn was available until this fall. After you’ve shared how you worked out this pattern, I’d like to share mine with you.

    Now teaching crochet at our LYS, I was asked to develop a crochet method to make these lovely scarves. I — ugh!!– knitted one to get the hang of it, then worked out crocheting them in rows. I start by rolling up the raw corner at the beginning of the yarn–glittery edge folded up in a diagonal to the top edge, then folding in the resulting pointed edge a couple of times to enclose the raw edge– then inserting size H or bigger crochet hook through that “bunch” of yarn. To make a 60 inch scarf (from the 33 yard skeins), inserting hook into every other top hole throughout, slip stitching 5 times. Making sure to turn work in the same direction (counter-clockwise for right-handers), work back across the 4 stitches with sc and ch 1 to turn. Continue with ch 1 turn, and 4 sc each row until skein is complete, or until scarf has reached desired length. This results in a corkscrew scarf, making all the ruffles stand out like crinoline skirts back in the day, (i.e., fuller than the “gathering and locking” patterns). The sc rows method takes longer, my average of 2 to 2-1/2 hours depending on the length of the skein. If you want a shorter, fuller scarf, you can increase the number of stitches per row, similar to the knitting pattern that is included on the back of the label; just add more slip stitches at the start. To end, I cut the last inch or so of the edging from the netting; after putting the last of the netting through the last stitch, I tie a knot with the edging, which completely encloses the raw edge, then cut the edging end close to the knot.

    I love your blog and how the crocheting community shares so much information. And to be able to create income from this fun hobby– absolutely amazing! What a wonderful use of the internet!!!! Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  5. 13


    I love you pattern. My scarf is very full looking with no more flat spots. Also thank you for the time saving tip on using a toilet paper roll and paper towel holder! It works great!!!!!

  6. 15


    i hv difficulty fidinng where to join (after the 1st rounds of v-sticthes) i often do in general. i need to understand the anatomy of? chains and stitches.when u say join in the 3rd stitch its like i look at my work and im like whats the 3rd stitch it just all looks the same to me

  7. 16

    Yvonne says

    I just did the scarf your way and loved it but mine was a bit short might I of done something wrong? I love that you don’t have to chain 1 and turn and all that as that gets to confusing. Thank you for your pattern.

    • 18

      Lorene says

      I don’t remember what the number was and I sold all of them so I don’t have any to measure but I do remember than on the yarn skein it gives you two measurements (one longer and one shorter depending on how many stitches you do if you knit it) and mine measure the same as the short measurement on the skein. It comes out on the short side because it is so much fuller. It did come to my waist when it was worn.

  8. 19

    Erica Clark says

    Thanks for sharing this pattern!! I have crocheted a couple of these sashay scarves and mine always did come out with that one ugly flat side. I can’t wait to try this new way to make them :) :) :)

  9. 21

    Onda says

    Yvonne, when I used 4 sc to a row on the 33 yard skeins (working every other hole for the small hole Sashay’s and every hole for the larger hole Starbella’s), I get a 60 inch scarf. For the Patons Pirouette 24-yard and Loops & Threads Flamenco 24-yard skeins (working in every large hole), scarves are typically 36 to 38 inches. The Patons with both pouffs AND sequins are only 17 yards of fabric– resulting in about a 30 inch scarf; may want to purchase 2 skeins if longer scarf is desired. Will try to upload pictures to your site tomorrow, Lorene. Thanks for providing this forum for us!!

    • 22

      Lorene says

      You are quite welcome Onda! Thank you for your information on the different yarns. I have only ever used the Red Heart Sashay yarn.

    • 23

      Yvonne says

      Hi Onda
      Thank you so much for your information. I will buy 2 skeins as it comes out nice and full but was just a bit short. Thanks again as I take any info I can as I am a new crocheter and I enjoy it a lot.

  10. 24

    Onda says

    Lorene, Joann’s carry Premier Starbella, Patons Pirouette, and Red Heart Sashay. Michaels has the Flamenco, Starbella, and sometimes Red Heart Sashay, as well as a couple other specialty ribbon yarns. We have Meijers here in Michigan, and of course Wal-Mart, both of which sell Red Heart. I loved it when pre-Christmas sales were at 50% off!! Joann’s just got in spring colors– check them out. Oh, and the LYS carries Broadway and other quite unique “ladder” and ribbon yarns. Lovely to look at and feel and make!!. Good generation to be living in, that’s for sure. Glad to have the hooks back in my hands. Wonder how I lived years without feeding this magnificent obsession. :-)

    • 25

      Lorene says

      Thanks. I have such a limited supply here in NC. I only have a Michaels and a Walmart, both at least 30mins away. I do have a lovely local yarn store but they are SO expensive. When I was in NJ I also had an AC Moore and a JoAnn’s.

      • 26

        Jean says

        I would like to try this but am confused. I have made the scarves (one flat side ugh!) so I wanted to try this… confused after the first four loops are drawn thru ……how do you yarn over can you please show some visuals or explain in more detail….especially locking in the ruffle. Thanks

      • 29

        Leslie says

        If you would like to find more of the ruffle yarns. Please check out They have lots to choose from and the Starbella is cheaper then most stores. Also they are very quick at getting the yarn out.

        Also I have the look of the ruffle scarf with your pattern. Its an amazing difference.

        I do both knit and crochet them.

        Thank you for the tips.

      • 31

        Theresa says

        I buy most of my yarn online directly from Red Heart. Most of it is on sale now. Joann’s sells the Bouquet Trio yarn for $3.05 a skein, regularly $5.69. I did my scarf in Trio and ended up using 1 1/2 skeins for 60 inches in the Trio. I will upload a picture tomorrow.

          • 33

            Theresa says

            I emailed you the picture of my Red Heart Trio yarn version of your pattern. I also think I figured out the spine problem. Its because when you pull the stitch through and then lock it, You have to make sure you keep that stitch tight when you pull it through the next time. Leaving that stitch long causes the spine to be more visible. I hope this helps

          • 34

            Lorene says

            yes, that is very true..that is why I stress to make sure the stitches are tight and locked in to each other… or the spine will definitely show through. thank you!

          • 35

            Mandy says

            Do you find that the tighter stitch keeps the scarf from stretching? I made a couple of these scarves last year for my sister in law and after she wore it maybe a dozen times it looks like it stretched out. It almost looks like the stitches are pulling apart and the spine is really noticeable. I’d like to make these for a few other people but not if their going to lose their shape after a couple of wears

  11. 37

    Nancy says

    I am looking for the answer to Jean’s question about after first four loops are pulled thru and then yarn over. I am also confused. Thanks in advance!!

    • 38

      Lorene says

      Here’ lets see if this makes more sense… I think I’ll rewrite everything this week too… I am working on a video too. Draw up 8 loops. Draw up one more loop and pull it through the 1st four loops on hook, then draw up one more loop and pull it through the remaining loops on hook. this will give you your ruffle.. then make a sl st in the next (closest possible) stitch… then repeat until end.

  12. 42

    Karen says

    How do you end the scarf? I have not seen anyone address how you tie off end so that it doesn’t unravel. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I look forward to making it.

    • 43

      Lorene says

      I think I answered you in an email… but for everyone else. You can just tie it off, or you can tie it off, tack down each end and stitch it to secure.

  13. 44

    Bonnie says

    I have a pattern for knitting a ruffled scarf but since I want to crochet it I don’t know how to figure out how much yarn to buy to complete the crochet version with the yarn they used to knit the scarf.
    Hope this makes sense. Thanks,

    • 45

      Lorene says

      One skein will make one scarf. it will be shorter if you use my new and improved method, but you can get two skeins to make it longer.

  14. 46


    Awesome new pattern! I have tried to make a few sashay scarves, and they don’t quite turn out as nice as yours. I’m looking forward to trying this new way out!

  15. 48

    Barbara Cunningham says

    Your new and improved video caught my eye. I’ve watched at least a dozen ruffled scarf videos and must say yours is the BEST. The others came out with a “spine” in the back (flat side). Your way doesn’t show a flat side, and doesn’t unravel as easy! I have a hard time pulling through the 1st 4 stiches, but don’t notice a difference if I miss and get 3 or 5! I feel like redoing the others I’ve made using your method. Thanks so much!

  16. 50

    patti says

    hi…I’m knitting a sashay scarf. but I have question….does your scarves look flat for the first 12 inches or so? Mine is sorta flat and not fluffy and ruffly. Does yours do this? I’m thinking of switching to crocheting it your way…..

    • 51

      Lorene says

      Mine do not look flat at all. The way I learned did leave a flat side and you could see a spine, or the stitches, all the way down. My way does not look flat or show any stitches. Be sure to watch the video.

  17. 52

    Cathy Gomez says

    I’ve watched many videos and I definitely don’t like the Big Knot I’ve seen at the beginning or end. When I start, I fold over the webbing about 4 inches and start, count the same number of stitches,only it’s double threads just for that section. Same thing at the end, only cut off a strip of yarn and when you get to the last stitch, pull the spare scrap yarn through both loops and tie it off. I’m going to try your method of 4 and 4 etc.

    • 55

      Lorene says

      The fullness is achieved by my method, of pulling halfway through, locking in half the ruffle and then pulling the rest of the way through and locking in the full ruffle. If you have any questions after viewing the video, please let me know!

  18. 56

    Sandy says

    Love this new method – thanks! I too felt the flat side was something to try to avoid and this seems to do the trick. I’ve been getting back into crocheting while recently becoming unemployed. Loving having time to use my more creative side. I was wondering if you might share how much you sell your scarves for as I have been prodded by friends to sell them not only to our friends, but to boutiques, nail salons, etc. Thanks!

    • 57

      Lorene says

      You are very welcome. I sell mine for about $23-27, depending on the store (I sell mostly retail). I have sold them for as low as $18 when I’m trying to blow them out at the end of winter. I don’t like keeping old stock into the next year! If you are selling them in boutiques you’ll need to go on the higher side ($25) because you will probably only get 50-60% of the sale price then you’ll need to pay for your materials. So you need to make sure you are still making a profit.

  19. 58

    Becky says

    I have watched your tutorial video a number of times and I still have a flat side. I know I am missing something. What could it be? Maybe I should watch again.

    • 59

      Lorene says

      I don’t know, but I’m assuming you must be. Everyone else I’ve spoken to has not had that issue. Are you locking in the ruffle really tight? If you don’t lock it in tight enough it may look flat.

  20. 62


    wnated ot say your scarf is nice but i made one out of hte new way and did exactly like you as i have been corcheting a long time but you still can see that long i say rope someone needs to come out with corcheting directions where the ruffles will hide it
    sorta like a spine ya can still see

    • 63

      Lorene says

      You are the first person who has ever said they can still see the “spine”. I’m wondering if you locked in your stitches tight enough? Could you send me a picture so I can see?

  21. 64

    Yvette says

    Thank you for this terrific pattern! I saw the tutorial on YouTube and thought I would give it a try, and my first scarf is turning out wonderfully. I tried several other methods first and was not getting the hang of it, but yours made perfect sense, and I love how the ruffles are locked in place and won’t fall apart if I lose the yarn off my hook. I will definitely be making several of these for Christmas gifts.

  22. 66

    Kathy says

    I have made several scarves using your instructions and they came out great…however I have come across my first knot in a skein of I will have to somehow join it together…I have looked for tips on this and found a tip to join by layering the two parts together for a full stitch…do you have any other or better way to do this?
    thanks so much for your very informative website…

    • 67

      Lorene says

      yes. I start the stitch like normal (leave at least 6″ of the old yarn) then when you have two loops left on hook (or three if doing hdc), instead of yarning over with the old yarn, yarn over with the new piece (leaving at least 5-6″) and continue to work like normal. You can tie the two tails together if you want. I usually don’t. Just weave them in with a needle (each tail in opposite directions, both ways) and it should stay fine.

      thank you too!

  23. 68

    Robin says

    Thanks for sharing the pattern but more helpful to me was the sharing of the toilet paper roll/paper towel dispenser trick. I have made a couple scarves using the Sashay yarn right off the skein – a major pain. Following your hint, I rolled the skein onto a cardboard tube – so much easier to work with. Thank you!

    • 70

      Lorene says

      To finish I just pull the last loop all the way through and then knot it. You can also tack it down and sew it. I’m not sure why yours looks skinny. The only think I can think of is that you maybe didn’t do the stitches close enough together.

  24. 71

    Savannah Carranza says

    Thank you can you do a video on how to end it please??
    Oh mines isnt skinny anymore : )

    Because i was constantly ripping it out i messed up i have orders for these
    how much should i charge

    • 74

      Lorene says

      pull the last stitch all the way through the stitch. The same as you would with yarn. I will try to make a video in the future. Right now my camera set up needs some work. I will resume filming soon.

  25. 75

    Savannah Carranza says

    Can you give me a link i need to end this and i am not much into crochet
    i knitt more 8 )
    Send me a video how to finish please

  26. 77

    Judy says

    Can you offer me any suggestions as to what I can be doing wrong? I am still getting a flat side and my stitches are showing (almost as much as the 9 on the hook and pull the last one through them all method) . I tried pulling the yarn tight, I watched and re-watched the video and I can’t see what I am doing differently than how the video shows. I am supposed to go in the very next stitch after completing the previous ruffle right? Please help me, I have a big order to fill and this seems so much quicker than the back and forth method.

        • 80

          Lorene says

          I would probably go with a smaller hook. 4.25-4.5 (G) or 5.0 (H). And just make sure your stitches are tight. Those are my only suggestions… people seem to have great results with this method but it is possible that it won’t work for everyone.

  27. 83

    Savannah Carranza says

    Lorene how do i make mine double on each side its hard to make it full like yours how would i do this? mines is skinny

  28. 85

    pat barker says

    so glad i saw this…i was trying different things because i didnt like the looks of it too..and i started doing the same thing, except not 4 and 4…much easier! thankyou!!!

  29. 86

    Heidi says

    Your video was great, I love the fullness of the scarf. I was able to get 3 done in one afternoon after watching your video. Was interested in making these when I saw them at a craft show. Recovering from an injury and not being able to work I decided to try them. It was fun to learn something new and have a few Christmas gifts made. Thank you

  30. 90

    Jenn B says

    I have watched several videos on how to do this but my ruffles are staying on the handle of my hook and if I take them off the ruffles just unravel. What am I doing wrong??

    • 91

      Lorene says

      you need to pull one of the ruffles all the way through all the other ruffles on the hook. Did you watch the video?

  31. 96

    Johana Lee says

    I bought some of this yarn last night. I assumed I could crochet with it. Much to my dismay when I got home it had knitting instructions on it. I was sad. I do knit but I find that I like crocheting much better. So I did a Google search and found your video tutorial. Thank you a thousand times for this! I cannot wait to get home and get started!!

  32. 98

    Sue says

    What’s the best way to wind the yarn onto a towel holder? Winding it over and over without turning the tp roll makes the yarn get twisted. turning the tp roll takes forEVER.

    What am I missing?

    p.s…I came looking for your video because knitting takes forever…and the video that Red Heart posted shows doing 10 stitches to one sc with one strand of yarn and I thought that was a recipe for breaking threats and looking crummy. Excited to see how yours works…once I get the yarn rolled 😀

    • 99

      Lorene says

      It does take a little time to wind it all up. I turn the tp roll. You don’t HAVE to do it first, it just makes the actual crochet time quicker.

  33. 100

    Patricia Attridge says

    Do you use the entire skein of yarn . I have used almost 2/3 of a skein and have 72 inches of scarf ruffles. Do I keep going.

    • 101

      Lorene says

      Are you using Sashay or a different yarn? I did not have nearly that much length to my scarf and none left over. I’m wondering if you are doing something different?

  34. 102

    Patricia Attridge says

    Red heart sashay yarn. I watched your video and think I am doing it right. I bought some new yarn today, patrons pirouette at a.c. moore for a ruffle scarf for someone else. I will rewatch it a couple more times. Thank you. I will try again.

    • 103

      Lorene says

      I just made a scarf using Starabella and it was completely different. I’ve not used Pirouette yet but the ruffle scarf yarn from Hobby Lobby is completely different too which is why I asked which yarn you were using.

      Is your scarf thin? Mine was pretty full but not that long, I can’t remember for sure, but maybe 48″, definitely less than 54″

  35. 104

    Patricia Attridge says

    Not thin at all. The one from the sashary made from your video looks good, just long. I think it will be fine. Thank you for your help. Happy holidays.

  36. 105

    Dolores says

    Thank you for the instructions! Have been wanting to try this but am new to teaching have had no time until now. I started one and it’s going well. Have a wonderful holiday.

  37. 109

    Dianne says


    I found your tutorial yesterday and made my first Sashay scarf. I had tried the knitting pattern but it just went in the shape of bells. Don’t know what I was doing wrong. Searched for crochet patterns and came across your site. The tutorial was very clear and easy to understand but then again I already know how to crochet….haven’t done it in years though.

    Thanks again….
    Delaware, Ontario, Canada

  38. 110

    Patricia Attridge says

    Hope you had a nice holiday. Thank you for this new improved pattern. I made 2 scarf s for gifts and both ladies loved them. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much.

  39. 114

    Patricia Attridge says

    Loren, I Found some starbella yarn on sale yesterday for $2.99. I bought 4 skeins and using your directions am making myself a scarf to go with my new coat. It’s working out fine. Now have to find people to make the other ones for. :-)

  40. 115

    Cathleen M Reese says

    Thank you for this new and improved way of doing this scarf, it’s a great tutorial, can’t wait to make another one with this method!!

  41. 117

    Karen says

    Thank you! I’ve always have wanted to learn to make the ruffle scarf but since I don’t knit I needed to find a method that is crocheted. Your tutorial is great and easy to follow. I’m enjoying making my first scarf as I watch the playoffs this afternoon!!

  42. 119

    Brenda says


    I was real excited to try this new sashay pattern. I had already made one scarf and decided to try it your way on my next scarf. Unfortunately I could not tell the difference between the two patterns when I finished my second scarf. Also I thought it was harder working in that second row of the skein. Also unwound the whole roll of yarn and put it on a toilet roll like you suggested but it really didn’t work for me. I don’t like the fact that you have to stop in the middle of your work and untwist the yarn. This is more like working with string. I could also still see the stitches like the one other lady mentioned.

    • 120

      Lorene says

      I’ve never had to stop halfway through to untwist the yarn. You don’t HAVE to go in the second row, you can go in the first, the second just makes it more secure but to be honest with you I’ve never had the first row break. I’m sorry you didn’t see a difference in the finished product, you are the first person to ever say so. Did you lock your stitches in tight?

      • 121

        Brenda says

        Yes I did lock in the stitches but still could see the so called spine. It does look fuller but can still see the spine. I’ve read where other people have commented on your blog with this same problem. I’m going to try making another scarf with this pattern, I haven’t given up yet!

        • 122

          Lorene says

          I suppose it doesn’t work perfectly for everyone and I can see a spine on mine if I go looking for it… the ruffles just cover it up. Try pulling the ruffles fuller, they may have gotten caught up a bit near the stitch.

  43. 123

    Katharine Shuder says

    I like this pattern. do you tie each end together to make a endless scarf or just tie a not in either end?


    • 124

      Lorene says

      I just do a knot in either end and then wrap it to look like a cowl if I want that look, otherwise wear it as a scarf

  44. 125

    New to sashay says

    So I am fairly new to sashay yarn and the few scarves I have made, I don’t totally love. I have come across this tutorial and really wanted to try to hopefully get rid of the spine and have more oomph to the scarf as this one shows… But I am still getting a spine… What am I doing wrong?

    • 126

      Lorene says

      the only time I’ve seen this happen is when using too big of a hook and not stitching into the VERY next st to lock it in place… if you leave any space the spine is more visible. Also try opening up the netting after you are done with the scarf to fluff it up a bit

  45. 127

    New to sashay says

    I am using an h hook like you.. But I think I figured it out…

    In your video you do 8 loops ,yo pull thru 4,yo pull thru 4, sl st thru last one to lock it leaving one loop remaining on hook. And start over.

    Well I counting that one remaining loop as 1 so I was skipping the very next hole and adding 7 more loops to Make a total of 8 again.. But after watching your video again I see that you kinda just ignore that remaining loop and start a count of 8 again (actually 9 loops total after first ruffle) it seems to be working better and after its fluffed cant see the spine like I was before, so I m thinking its cause of that skipped stitch after the locking loop.

    Idk really, I could be wrong but its working out like yours this time.

  46. 129

    Mary Ann says

    Thank you so much! I love this method. I tried to learn how to knit them but it was just too time consuming. Thank you for coming up with this!

  47. 132

    Tina says

    How long is your scarfs when your done? I have used various types of yarn and they all come out different lenghts. It seems like around 72 to 82 inches is the average.
    What is your opinion on this? I want them to be semi consistent as I am selling them.
    Thank you.

    • 133

      Lorene says

      Unfortunately I don’t have any in front of me… sorry. However if you use different brand yarns they are all going to be different lengths.

  48. 134

    Rose says

    I have just started making theses ruffle scarves and today I purchased 2 spools of Sashay sequins yarn and in 1 spool on the last of it, it was cut and tied to complete the spool the 2nd spool had a bunch of big holes as to wear you would put the needle through to make the gather/ruffle have experience of these situations with this yarn?? I wanted to call the company first but I just wanted to know if anyone else had come across this problem??

  49. 136

    Linda Mercer says

    Thank you, THANK YOU for this! I hated the look of the pattern I had originally found for crochet, I thought they looked horrible. I LOVE your pattern! Again, thanks so much for sharing!

  50. 137

    ms match says

    I have always used a much larger hook, like a J or K…is it just your preference to use a much smaller hook?

  51. 139

    Patricia says

    Love this pattern, had tried making a scarf earlier with a different pattern, but had difficulty. How can a make my stitches tighter?

  52. 141

    Stephanie says

    Thank you for this version of the scarf!!! I absolutely love it and prefer it over the other method I used. In my opinion it is the best of many videos I have watched and tried. Thank you again for sharing! I look forward to your weekly newsletter. I also appreciate the free pattern and am excited about making the poncho:)) I am ecstatic about this site! I’m glad I came across it! Have a great weekend.

  53. 144

    Linsey says

    I tried this method for the first time even working with sashay. I have a lot of spots where you see the stitches, it doesn’t seem to want to corkscrew correctly here and there. Have I done something wrong?


  1. […] 6) New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern ~ Designed by Cre8tion Crochet …I love the Sashay ruffle scarfs and recently had an order for 12 of them from one of the stores I sell at. I used the method where you insert your hook every other stitch for 10-12 stitches and then pull the last stitch through all the rest, but after crocheting a few of them I realized that I really didn’t like the way they were coming out. So this is what I came up with. […]

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