Mad Red Bird Free Crochet Pattern



I recently made a Black Mad Bird Bomb crochet hat for a friend who wanted it for her son for Christmas.  She loved it so much she ordered one for her neighbors daughter who also loves the Angry Birds.  This time she requested the red bird.

As usual I refuse to follow someone else’s pattern and made my own.  I always share what I design with my followers, so here it is the red angry bird crochet hat!  Enjoy

This pattern is made for a child (8-12 years old) but pattern includes directions for making hat in infant, toddler, young child (4-8yo) and adult.


As an added note, next time I make this hat I will be making the eyebrows wider, you may want to do that as well!

5.5mm hook
4.0mm hook
Red Heart in Red, white, tan and black

Special Stitches

mc/r- magic circle/ring- tutorial HERE


  • Please read pattern first.  There are two different ways to do hat depending on your skill level.  I make the hat by connecting the two feathers together into one piece and then continuing on to the hat (all worked in one piece).  Alternately you can make the hat and then sew the feathers on.  The instructions are for the first way, but there is a note at the top of the pattern explaining how to do it the other way.  Comment with any questions.
  • whenever you do applique or specialty work try to use the smallest tapestry hook possible for all weaving and sewing for a neater look
  • pattern is written in multiple sizes, changes are in parenthesis
  • hat will be joined at every round by sl st to close
  • since pattern is made for multiple sizes, change color from red to tan at 3 rows from end.  For infants step 17, for toddlers step 18, for young children 4-8yo step 19, for this pattern (older child 8-12yo) step 20, for adult step 21.

Hat Pattern:  PLEASE read pattern first so that it makes sense as you go along

{*If you  think you will have a hard time with step 4 then you can make two separate “feathers” and then sew them on to finished hat.  If you do it this way you will make the hat a little different:

1)  mc/r with 10 hdc, join with sl st
2)  2 hdc in each sp around for a total of 20 st… SKIP  to step 7 in original pattern}

The feathers will be made the same way as in the pattern (steps 1&2) make 2 of them.

PATTERN: One piece construction if you are comfortable doing it this way… if not then please read above.

  1. Mc/r 6sc join with sl st.  pull circle tight and weave in tail (if you don’t do this now you won’t be able to do it later)
  2. sc around for a total of 60sc (do not join, just crochet 60stitches).  Fasten off and leave tail 6″ or so.
  3. Make another “feather” but do NOT fasten off.
  4. Line up “feathers” next to each other, (hook will still be in the 2nd feather) sl st into 1st feather and sc around both feathers to join them together, this should come to 12sc.  Pull up on yarn and remove hook.   Weave tail of 1st feather into the space between the feathers, knot to secure and cut.  (see notes above if you are having a problem with this step.)
  5. Sc around (both feathers will be connected at this stage)  12sc, join with sl st
  6. Hdc around, increase in every stitch EXCEPT for st #6 and #12 , for a total of 20hdc around
  7. Hdc around, increase in every 2nd st for 30hdc
  8. Hdc around, increase in every 3rd st for 40hdc (for toddler skip to step 10 and continue on from there, only do 40hdc in each round)
  9. (for infant- increase in every 6th st for 35hdc, go to step 10 and continue on from there, only do 35st in each round)
  10. Hdc around, increase in every 4th for 50hdc
  11. (for 4-8yo- increase in every 8th st for 45hdc, continue to step 10, only do 45st in each round)
  12. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  13. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  14. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  15. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  16. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  17. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  18. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  19. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
  20. (change color here for infant but follow directions in step 27 starting with 11hdc instead of 19hdc)
  21. 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55) {*skip to step 22 for infant }
  22. (change color here for toddler but follow directions in step 27 starting with 14hdc instead of 19hdc)
  23. 50hdc around (40, 45 or 55) {*skip to step 22 for toddler}
  24. (change color here for young child 4-8yo but follow directions in step 27 starting with 16hdc instead of 19hdc)
  25. Change to tan (*see notes) {*skip to step 27 for young child 4-8yo}
  26. (If making adult hat do one more round of 55hdc with red before changing to tan and then start with 21hdc instead of 19hdc)
  27. hdc19 around then in next st insert hook slightly above where stitch would normally  go and begin a double crochet, but do only pull hook through 1st two loops then insert back into hole and yarn over, pull through all loops on hook.  Use the same method for creating the rounded part on tan of hat, increasing the distance of where you insert your hook from edge, do the opposite on the other side for a total of 12 st, continue to hdc all the way around.  (alternately you can simply do hdc around without making rounded edge (2 rounds of hdc and one round of sl st))
  28. 50hdc around (or 55)
  29. Sl st all the way around (35, 40, 45, 50 or 55)


To cre8te eyes and eyebrows:

Using 4.0mm hook

  1. With white make half circles for eyes
  2. Ch3
  3. 5sc in 2nd ch from hook
  4. Turn 2sc in each sp <10>
  5. Turn 1sc in each sp <10>
  6. Sl st across bottom
  7. Continue around top of eye with sc <10>
  8. Fasten off and leave 12” long tail, weave in short tail
  9. Using one long tail stitch both eyes together at upper corner so that the rounded parts are turned down and away from each other (in a scowl)
  10. Insert hook from front to back into top right corner of set of eyes, ch 2 and sc into same space, sc towards center, sl into last sp on eye, skip space in between and sl st into first space of next eye, sc across top
  11. At end ch2 and turn, sc into same sp, sc across, sl st into center spaces (same as in previous row) sc across to end.  Fasten off, leave 12” long tail, weave in short black tail.

To cre8te pupil:

  1. Ch2, 5sc in 2nd hook from chain, join with sl st, fasten off leaving 12” tail, weave in short  tail
  2. Repeat for other pupil
  3. Attach to center of eyes with long tail


To cre8te the beak:

With white ch 7

Crochet back in the opposite direction, one stitch in each space, in the following stitches, 1sc, 1sc, 1sc, 1hdc, 1hdc, 1 dc <6 stitches total).  Fasten off and leave tail 12″ long for fastening.  (do not weave in either end)



Turn beak upside down (so that point is to the left).  Pick up black at top right hand corner of piece.



Sl st along top <5sl st> when you get to the 6th stitch (should be point of beak) crochet a sc into stitch.



Continue around to the top, sl st to the end, in back loops only <6 sl st>.  Fasten off leave, to do not weave in.



Now turn beak so that point is at left and you are looking at the wrong side.  Insert hook into the back loop only of the stitch on the top right, pick up yellow/gold.

005 006 007


Chain 1, and then sc to the end <6sc>.  When you get to the end, chain 4.



Turn whole piece upside down so that the yellow is along the bottom (you are still looking at the wrong side)

Sc back along the chain <3sc> and then sc into the last sc that you completed (at end of beak) before chaining 4



Sc along top of piece in the back loops only of the black <6sc>



Turn piece (beak will now point to the left and you will be looking at the right side)and sc all the way to second to last st.  sl st in last <9sc, 1sl st>



Turn (beak is now facing the right and you are looking at the wrong side)  and sl st into first sp, then sc across top <9>



Turn (beak facing right and looking at the right side) and sc into next 6 spaces then sl st end <4>



Place the piece so that that beak is pointing to the right and you are looking at the correct side.  The bottom portion of beak is complete.  You will now work only on the top.

Ch3 and sc back into the  1st ch



Hdc into the first stitch on top of beak, 1hdc into each of the next 6 spaces.  1sc in the next space, and 1 sl st into each of the next two spaces.  Then place 1sc into the black stitch at top left corner of beak and fasten off.  Leave 12″ tail.

016    017


The beak is almost done.

Insert hook into the point of the beak where the white and black meet the orange, pick up black yarn and surface sl st crochet to tip of beak.

point     018


Weave in all other tails leaving one long orange tail and one long white tail for fastening to hat


Attach all appliques onto face and you are done.  I hope you enjoyed my Red Angry Bird Crochet Hat Pattern.  If you like what you see SHARE it.

Have fun and happy hookin’



    • 2

      Lorene says

      Thank you Megan. Please feel free to add any of my patterns to your directory. I’m going to go check out your site now.

  1. 3

    Stacy says

    Anyone else has difficulty reading this pattern. I’m trying to write down each step and it just doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m jumping back and forth. I love the look of this hat but reading this pattern gives me a headache and I don’t think I have the urge to make it anymore. I’m trying to make one for my 5 year old.

    • 4

      Lorene says

      I have had one other person have a problem with the way the pattern was written so I did make some changes to it. If you decide to make it please let me know if the directions were easier to understand. Thank you,

      • 5

        lori says

        I am a tester for a fashion designer and an experienced level crocheter. I have a facebook page. I was confused on the beak. IT was totally unuseable and I used a beak off another hat that I made. A red one I found online. I studied it a lot and redid several times, but it is too confusing to make the beak this way.

        • 6

          Lorene says

          I know the beak is very confusing, as I stated in the pattern. Some people have successfully made this beak. I have made it several times and it comes out the same each time. I don’t even like having this pattern up because it is quite difficult to explain therefore follow the beak pattern but so many people use it so I leave it.

  2. 7

    Jenn says

    Hi. I was trying to work this great hat up but had a question on the first couple of steps… I am still getting used to reading and working patterns that are in rounds. I keep getting lost on the 1st and 2nd steps. Is there any simplification you give to those steps? Thanks so much. I love this pattern and am trying to work up the hat for my little nephew’s birthday. Thank you again. :)

    • 10

      Lorene says

      for the “feather” part you do not join, but spiral. For the hat part you join every round. Thanks. If you have any other questions just let me know.

  3. 11

    Cyn says

    I have crocheted for years and I too am confused by the pattern. Here is where I am confused…. line 2 reads 2) 2 hdc in each sp around for a total of 20 st… continue on to step 7 in pattern}
    THEN it says:

    1. Mc/r 6sc join with sl st. pull circle tight and weave in tail (if you don’t do this now you won’t be able to do it later)

    so do we skip down to #7 and if so what is this #1 for? I would love to make this for my granddaughter but am confused. Thanks so much it is a beautiful hat!

    • 12

      Lorene says

      If you are following it the modified way (line 2 reads 2) 2 hdc in each sp around for a total of 20 st… continue on to step 7 in pattern}) You SKIP the rest of the pattern until step 7. OR you can do the regular pattern that starts off with (1. Mc/r 6sc join with sl st. pull circle tight and weave in tail (if you don’t do this now you won’t be able to do it later)

      The reason I wrote it that way is because when I make the hat I do it the way it is actually written in the pattern (connect the two feathers together and then begin hat all in one piece, but some people are unable to do that so I have modified instructions at beginning of pattern for people who want to make the feathers and then just sew them on to the finished hat.

      I hope I cleared up the confusion, please let me know if you have any other problems.

  4. 13


    Thank you for explaining above. However, I must have a mental block when it comes to this pattern lol. I am understand this: Mc/r 6sc join with sl st. pull circle tight and weave in tail (if you don’t do this now you won’t be able to do it later) : OK so you have 6 sc but the new round tells you
    sc around for a total of 60sc (do not join, just crochet 60stitches). Fasten off and leave tail 6″ or so.

    How do you get 60 out of 6sc?
    Sorry to be a pain my granddaughter really wants this hat.

    • 14

      Lorene says

      Start with the 6… then weave in your tail… then put your hook back in and continue to crochet around for 54 more stitches… for a total of 60 stitches. Do not join your rounds. Just crochet around and around till you have 60 stitches. This will form your feather.
      Hope that cleared it up. Let me know, thanks.

  5. 15


    I am making this hat in the toddler size. I did the part with the feathers as you did. It worked out perfectly. I then proceeded thru row 8 and it told me for toddler to go to row 10. After completing row 10 I assume I should have 50 hdc. I do not understand the rest of the rows. Rows 12-19 state 50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    50hdc around (35,40,45 or 55)
    what size corrdinates with each of these numbers? is infant the 50 then toddler 35 and so on? Totally confused here :(

    • 16

      Lorene says

      you only need to worry about the amount of stitches you have (50) the #s in parenthesis are directions for other sizes. meaning… crochet 35 OR 40 OR 45 stitches. I hope this cleared it up, let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. 17


    Thank you for your previous help. As I stated before I am working on a toddler hat.
    So row 18 I change colors and crochet 50 hdc. Row 19 I crochet 50 hdc do I then do row 20? and do I only do 11 hdc and nothing else for entire row? and why does row 22 then say to change color when at beginning of pattern since pattern is made for multiple sizes, change color from red to tan at 3 rows from end. for toddlers step 18,
    Is it just me but this pattern seems to skip around and is hard to follow. I love the hat but can not follow this.

    • 18

      Lorene says

      Ok here goes… firstly I made a mistake numbering in the step you are confused about… it should say step 27 NOT step 20… so lets see if this works.

      For the toddler hat you would change color at Step 22 not 19. So you would work with the red until Step 22 then you will change color to tan. Where it says
      “(change color here for toddler but follow directions in step 27 starting with 14hdc instead of 19hdc)” If you read line 27 it says to hdc 19 stitches THEN gives directions for how to continue around the hat… you will do the steps listed in Row 27 BUT instead of starting with 19hdc (as line 27 says) you will start with 14hdc instead.
      Then just finish out the pattern the way its written.
      I will probably be re writing this entire pattern making an individual pattern for each size

  7. 19


    I am making great progress in this hat :). I have been following along with your updates and revisions. However today I am stuck at this point:
    ch 1 and then sc to end (in back loops only) at end of row chain 4, sc back towards “teeth” working along chain then sc into last sc of previous row (gold will be at the bottom)
    Are we to do the chain 4 at the point of the beak? or at the end of the black from previous row? then where are the 3 sc? as there are 6 sc at the bottom of black row. I think once I understand this I will be able to finish the hat. Thank you so much for your patience and help.

    • 20

      Lorene says

      you will chain four once you get to the end of the beak (so sc, back loops only, till you can’t go any further… then chain 4. You then sc back along the chain (that is where the 3sc come in) then you sc back onto the finished piece (the last sc stitch that you completed before doing the chain 4) then you will continue to crochet along the top of the beak (towards the teeth). hope that works… let me know if you need anymore help… glad you are moving along well.

  8. 21


    Me again :( still stuck on beak. I now understand you last explanation. But, when I did the beak it ended up backwards. Point of beak was to the left not right. I believe it is because I did the row in white Black incorrectly.
    This is what the pattern says:starting at bottom left hand corner (beak point will be to right) loosely sl st around teeth with black, fasten off but do not weave in ends yet.
    When the beak is pointed to the right and you say to start at the bottom left corner unless I am crocheting left handed there is no place to crochet. I crochet from right to left. Wouldn’t you have to turn the work to start the black? I have made it this far almost done! Yippeee but can not get the beak right. :( Thank you so very much for your patience.

    • 22

      Lorene says

      you pick up the yarn at the bottom left hand corner then crochet from the left to the right, you just need to turn the piece to whatever way is comfortable for you to crochet it… turn it over, sideways, whatever. I put it that way because that’s how I did it… I guess it doesn’t really matter how you sl st around the white as long as you start the yellow in the right place (top left hand corner, I believe the pattern reads). don’t hesitate to ask any other questions…
      I’m here to help.

  9. 24


    Grrrr I guess I am a total idiot lol. Still stuck on beak. Using yellow/gold insert hook front to back into back loop of the last st you completed (top left hand corner, pick up new color, turn, ch 1 and then sc to end (in back loops only) at end of row chain 4 When I insert hook from front to back of last st the point of beak should be to my right correct? then I turn chain 1 now point is on my left correct? it then says sc to end in back loops only. Is that in ALL the black stitches or just to the point of beak? The remaining stitches in the beak are the also in just back loop? or are they through both loops? Hopefully this will be the last of my questions. I am sure you have better things to do :) Thanks again!

  10. 25


    I also just noticed by (enlarging the pictures) that your completed hat shows no black on the left side of the teeth.(as we face it) But in your diagram of instructions it shows the black going around the entire piece. Maybe this is where I am off? It would be so helpful if you had the number of stitches that should be done at the end of each row or round. I am never going to get this beak done :(

    • 26

      Lorene says

      I’m not sure what diagram of instructions you are speaking of. There are no stitches on the left hand side (when the beak is facing right) there are only stitches on the top and bottom, which come to a point on the right. There are are stitch counts on each line.

      Lets do this… we’ll work it out together. I’ll give it to you step by step and as its done we will move on to the next… sound good?

      Ok go get your white and we’ll start with the teeth.

      ch 7
      crochet back the other way (one stitch per space)
      sc, sc, sc, hdc, hdc, dc (this will be six stitches total)
      fasten off, leave tail (12” or so) for fastening (do not weave in either end)

      When you are done that we will move on to the next step. I’ll check back. I’ll help you get it done.

      • 27


        Thank you so much for your help. I have finished it and it looks fine. The beak I decided to just look at your finished picture and work it. I am sure my granddaughter will love it. Thanks again for your patience.

        • 28

          wendy says

          I too had some difficulty with the beak part. I tore it out at least 6-7 times. I did finally get it to look ok but If you could simplify it a little more (more specific on where to start and stop) I think it will a lot easier to work.

          • 29

            Lorene says

            I think the problem may be that I’m too specific. I give ending and starting points for every step, and stitch counts. I will take a look and try to re work it since some fans have had confusion with it, but not really sure how I could simplify it. Do you have any suggestions on how to make it easier?

          • 30

            Lorene says

            I COMPLETELY rewrote the beak instructions, detailed with lots of instructions and pictures. Please take a look and let me know if you think this will be more useful. Thank you for your input.

        • 31

          Lorene says

          Thank you. I’m glad you were able to work it out. I did COMPLETELY re write the instructions extremely detailed and with lots of pics. If you wouldn’t mind, please take a look and let me know if it seems easier to follow. Thank you.

  11. 32


    Wow much easier to understand!! Although I am done I am sure I will be making more. My granddaughter LOVED her hat as did her little friends. Thank you for making the changes to your pattern, my next one should be easier :)

    • 33

      Lorene says

      Great, thanks for your input. I also plan on making some other Angry Bird patterns (I have the Black Bomber one on the blog too). Maybe the pink one next.

  12. 34

    wendy says

    I think that is much easier to follow. Thanks for play by play and the pictures. My next one will be much easier. Its a wonderful hat and my son loves it :)

  13. 36

    Heather W says

    I finished mine, & my son loves it!! Thank you so much.
    Now i need to make him some pig (green) fingerless gloves/wrist warmers. Have you made any of these yet, or know of a pattern i could look at for ideas?

    I had posted a comment a few days ago, i am not sure where it went.

  14. 38


    Wow! First off I will start by saying your hat is awesome! I am not one to complain about a free pattern but I too found some of this a bit tricky to follow. I did get all the way through though! I will be trying out the black one next! Thank you for posting this pattern!

    • 39

      Lorene says

      This one is a little difficult to follow, I will agree. I tried making one pattern for all sizes. I do intend on breaking it down into separate sizes in the future. The black one is much easier as it is only in one size… Thanks!

  15. 40


    I haven’t started making this hat yet but did write down the instructions for the adult (my grandson has a big head lol) and got a bit confused on the. colors (yellow\gold, is that tan?, and where does. the orange come in at?)

    • 44

      Lorene says

      The pattern is my most difficult, I did it free hand so it was hard for me to write out, so if you need any help please let me know… thank you!!!

  16. 45

    Jude says

    Thank you for the pattern it’s wonderful. I’m making toys and hats for St. Jude’s Hospital and this just has to be part of the box.

  17. 47


    I am living this pattern!! I’m makin it for a friends sons birthday in a couple of days but I’m stuck on steps 10-20 – it seems like this doesn’t have nearly enough length for the hat – how many rounds o the red do you do for 4-8 year ok before switching colors?

    • 48

      Lorene says

      This was for an order so I don’t have it anymore, but I counted the rows in the picture and there are 14 rows red (not including the feather portion) before color change. You may be using a thinner yarn or you may crochet tighter than I do, you can read my article on customizing a hat pattern to determine how large you will need to make your hat to fit any size.

      This is definitely my most difficult pattern.. it was one the first I wrote and it was done free form so it was really hard to write out the appliques. I hope you don’t have many issues with it.

  18. 49

    Grandma PJ says

    Hi! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this pattern! I love it and already purchased the yarn! Just sat down to read through your pattern and I too, find it awfully confusing and am afraid to start! I’ve been crocheting/knitting 30 years but am very intimidated after reading all this. I want to make this for my grandson who will be 8 and has a big head to begin with, but am just scared stiff to take on these instructions with all the varying parts for each size, etc. I see where you responded to someone that you were thinking of rewriting the pattern for each individual age group to make things easier and thought I’d check and see if you had done that. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You sound incredibly SWEET!!!!!

    • 50

      Lorene says

      I can help you rewrite the hat portion. This pattern is one of my oldest and is somewhat confusing I’m afraid (especially since the appliques were done free form). I keep debating removing this pattern off my site completely since it is not the easiest to follow. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to completely rewrite it now, BUT I have written a post on customizing any hat to any size. I will direct you to that post for you to read over it first, and then I can help you individually if you need more help. The appliques would stay the same, or you could use a hook size a little larger to make them slightly bigger. Here is the post on customizing hats –>

      I recommend following the pattern the same for the “feathers”, and then increasing the hat until you get the proper flat circle measurement (as described in the post above), then crochet until you reach desired length (also described in the post above). Then follow the applique patterns the same. The beak is the most confusing, I have tried rewriting it several times but it just doesn’t seem to get any easier. A lot of people have made the pattern with no issues so I know it can be done, but it is not written properly since I was just starting out when I wrote it.

  19. 51

    Jenn says

    Hi, I wrote a comment on your pattern back in January and decided to FROG it and then just came back to it… So far the only part I am having a problem on is where you change colors – making the round part. I think it starts with step 27… Any tips on how to make that round part? A video maybe? Thanks.

    • 52

      Lorene says

      You can make this part with regular stitches, unfortunately there is really no easy way to explain it. Are you having a problem with the stitch itself, or where you are placing it? The stitch it self is just a more filled in look, you can easily use a regular hdc. The rounded part comes from where I am inserting my hook. I’m placing it in the stitch (or 2 or 3) above where you would normally insert. Unfortunately at this time I do not have the time to make a video for this but I hope this explanation has helped some!

  20. 53

    Traci says

    Hello! I have made the red and black angry bird using your pattern. I absolutely love them! Thanks so much for sharing them! Do you happens to have a pattern for the yellow angry bird? And maybe even the pig?! I don’t like the looks of the other patterns I found. I’ve been spoiled by yours! ;) thanks again for sharing!! :D

    • 54

      Lorene says

      Awe, thanks. I only have the red and black, sorry. I may make the others one day! I’m so glad you liked them. You can probably just modify these patterns for the yellow bird. Use the eyes for the red bird but do the eyebrows red instead of black and make the hat more of a cone (no feather on top), maybe just crochet a “comb” with black yarn or even just add a tuft of black yarn to the top.
      For the green pig just make a regular beanie, add ears, a ground round applique with two black small appliques for the snout and goofy eyes. just stitch on little eyebrows.
      If you could follow my bird patterns (they are a little difficult to get through I think) then you can definitely make some of your own. Good luck!!!

  21. 55

    K says

    Do you have the finished dimensions of the sizes for this hat (width, lenght, etc.)? My son is 4 yrs old with head size of 20.5 inches. Not sure what size to make my son. 4-8yr or the 8+ yr size Thank you

  22. 57


    A little disappointed…did the adult size, but it’s way too small! going to take it out and try doing it with dc instead of hdc and see if that helps :)

  23. 61

    Linda Weisholtz says

    I made this today. I followed the directions for the ages 4 to 8. It was very easy to follow and it came out beautifully.Thank you so much for a great pattern.

  24. 63

    Maria says

    This pattern was Awesome!!! Made it for my nephew for Christmas. So easy to follow. Making it again as I type for a friend. Well done Lorene!!!

  25. 65

    Jessica says

    Awesome pattern and I seem to understand it for being a beginner. Silly question about what colors you used. My colors on my phone are goofy so I just want to make sure I get it right for my nephew, he’s picky on how his angry birds look Lol. Thank you

    • 66

      Lorene says

      I am sorry, I have no idea what colors I used, I just pulled from my stash. I know the brand was Vanna’s Choice but that is it.

  26. 67

    Sandra says

    I have only been doing crochet for a short time, and managed to follow this pattern fairly well, I am really pleased with how it has turned out. :-)

  27. 68

    Kate says

    Thanks very much for keeping this pattern up. I managed it the first time I tried, and have now made it several times for friends. The beak is cleverly done, and I like it so much better than the ones that stick out. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  28. 70

    PAt medell says

    What is the guage. I tend to crochet loose, so to know your gauge, I can change my needle accordingly. Thank you for the pattern.

  29. 72

    mel says

    I followed the pattern without joining since you don’t say to and didn’t turn out. could you however kindly help me wIth a half circle? out.


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