Seamless Crochet Rounds

Seamless Crochet Rounds

Here at we will be adding a new weekly feature.  Every week we will post a new helpful hint or trick to help you along in your crocheting.  This week will be how make hats (or any item made in the round) seamlessly and how to seamlessly change colors.  There are three seamless crochet methods that I use.  You can also check out my video for the magic circle/ring to start your crochet hats or rounds.

seamless crochet rounds tutorial

1- The first method is used for any work done in sc or hdc (though I prefer the other method for hdc)  in one color.  When you start a new row do not begin with a chain (ch1 or ch2 depending on the type of stitch), simply begin crocheting along the row.  When you complete the round (to the total amount of stitches called for in pattern) just sl st into the first stitch you made.  This method will only work with sc and hdc and works the best with sc.  However if you are changing colors in a sc or hdc  round I recommend using the second method listed below for all color changes. 

To change colors you would pick up the new color when there are two loops remaining on your hook from previous color.  When changing colors in the round you would start your sl st to end the round and when you have two loops on your hook, instead of picking up the color you are currently working with, pick up the color you want to change to, sl st the new color into the loop on the hook of the old color, then begin crocheting your next round.  If you are changing colors in the middle of a row you would also pick up your new color when there are two loops remaining on your hook in the last stitch of the current color.

insert hookpick up new yarnpull new yarn throughnew yarn now on hook

2- The second method is best used when changing colors in any stitch or when working in hdc or dc.   To start a new round ch2.  Then you will skip the first space.  Crochet your first stitch into the second space and continue to crochet the entire round (start your count on the 1st stitch you crochet).  When you get to the last stitch called for in the pattern you will crochet that stitch into the space you previously left empty (after the ch2 you began the round with).  Then sl st into the top of the next stitch to finish the round.  This will look even better if you sl st into the back loop only of the stitch to finish.  Every space, including the space the ch 2 was completed in will be stitched into.

Picture Tutorial 

start with a magic circle or ring (you can watch my video on how to create a magic circle or ring here), with the stitches for the first round.  After you sl st to join the first round you will chain 2

015   016
skip one space (and leave empty) and then place your first stitch into the next st

stitch all the way around

018   019
place your last stitch into the space you previously left empty (not the chain2, but the actual empty stitch from the previous round)

020   021
sl st into the first stitch of the round, viola one seamless round completed

 3-  This method can be used with any stitch but works best when you are not changing colors.  This method involves adding an extra chain to the beginning of each round that will not count as a stitch towards your pattern.  If you are using sc or hdc you will chain 1.  If you are using dc or tc you will chain 2.  To begin a new round you will chain 1 (or2), remembering not to count it towards the stitches in your pattern.  Then you will place your first stitch in the round.  Continue around, and when you finish placing all of your stitches you should end up behind the stitch where you chained.  You will skip over this chain and slip stitch into the top of the first actual/counted stitch of the round.


I also recommend using my Invisible Finish to end your piece for a truly professional looking finished item.

You can also find other crochet tutorials and videos here –> Tutorials on Cre8tion Crochet


I hope you enjoyed learning the three seamless crochet methods that I use.  My favorite is method 2, partly because I designed it but also because I think it works the best and is very versatile.  If you have any questions on any of the methods please feel free to comment or email me at  I will get back to you shortly.

Have fun and always…

Happy Hookin’   



  1. 1

    Sarah Webber says

    Thanks for the clear pictures and beautiful flowers! I’m a klutz at this and I need really clear pictures to explain how to crochet.

  2. 3

    Sara says

    Thank you so much! I hate that “seam” in all my hats! I have been wondering how to get rid of it. This works perfect! Thank you, Thanks you!

  3. 8

    Sue says

    I love the seamless crochet rounds, thank you so much for posting it. My crochet will look so much better from now on.

  4. 10


    Love this! I have also a tutorial for invisible seam when increasing in the round, but it doesn’t work anymore after finishing the crown of the hats. I will aply your method for the rounds without increasings. It looks perfect this way. :) Thank you very much. Best regards! Kinga

  5. 12

    prayermama says

    I love that you hold your crochet hook the way i do! so many do it differently
    This tutorial is terrific! i have done this by accident when changing from dc to sc on a new row but couldnt figure how to make it work for dc rounds – you have made it so simple! thank you so much. i love your patterns!
    thanks for sharing all you do!

    • 13

      Lorene says

      thank you. Its funny how everyone holds their hook differently. That is just the most comfortable for me and what I naturally did… I can do it the other way too, but not quite as fast. I’m glad you found my tutorial helpful. Thank you for letting me know!!!

  6. 14


    Thanks for this especially easy to follow tutorial. Your directions are clear and the video shows your work – not your hands covering your work – as so many others do. I appreciate your time and effort.

  7. 16

    Kathy says

    Thank you for the video. I am about to try this for the 1st time and can’t wait to see how it looks. Your video is very detailed, and easily understood. Great job!

  8. 18

    Joan Walsh says

    Thank you for this tutorial! Only wish I had found it years ago. I also hated how my seams showed so much but now my hats will look much better! I really enjoy how you explain things and it is easy to follow!!

  9. 20

    Ruth Miracle says

    I am 81 years young and would have LOVED to have this all these years. Have been crocheting for as long as i can remember. Thank you so much for doing this for US.

  10. 22

    Melissa V. Boykin says

    I’m going to try to make hats for the first time using this method. I do a lot of afghans and am wondering if this can be adapted for us in that as well instead of “going up” on rounds. Have you tried it with afghan patterns as well?

    • 23

      Lorene says

      Yes I use this seamless method with everything, granny squares, motifs, garments, etc. Anything done in the round or square.

  11. 24


    This is the best method I’ve seen for joining rounds in crochet. Have been crocheting for 40 years and haven’t seen it before. Thanks so much for sharing. xox

  12. 26

    Onda says

    Wow, that is neat! Thanks so much for sharing all the great tips you do. Your videos are well done and easy to understand. May God bless you and yours.

  13. 28

    Kat says

    How do you combine the seamless method with changing colors? I’m a little lost. Also does the seamless method work the same way for sc, hdc, & dc? Thank you :)

    • 29

      Lorene says

      The post included instructions for changing colors with the seamless round, though the video does not. In order to change colors do everything the same EXCEPT when you complete the final sl st to join round (slip stitching into the first st of the round) insert hook like normal, but pick up new color instead of old color… then work as normal (chaining one or two, skipping one stitch and working all the way around. If you have a hard time keeping the new color tight you can tie the tail of the old color to the tail of the new color after you sl st it on. Hope this helps.

  14. 32

    Kat says

    In my previous question – meant to ask if you could give me a step by step how to change color at beginning of new round & do the seamless method. Do you have a video of this? Thank you!

  15. 33

    Heather H says

    Glad you asked that question Kat. I’m working on hats with multiple color changes and was looking for a nice way to clean up the seam. Couldn’t figure out at what point to pick up the new color. Thanks for your explanation Lorene. I’m excited to try it out now!! :)

  16. 34

    barb says

    When you say “stitch that you previously left empty”- are you just saying the one stitch that you skipped initially when you started the round? I cannot see from the video where you are placing your hook. Thanks!

    • 35

      Lorene says

      Yes, I mean the stitch you originally skipped, just like you would if it were a normal stitch… just ignore the chain completely.

  17. 36


    Thank you, Lorene, for sharing. I have incorporated your no seams technique in making my very first hat. The results were very pleasing. Thanks again, and have very wonderful holidays!

  18. 38


    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I never liked the seams in my in-the-round projects. They’re very unprofessional and messy; especially in bulky/super bulky projects! Thanks again, I’ll be using this a lot!

  19. 40

    Sabrina says

    For the second method, what if the instructions want you to ch 1 and then sc into the same stitch. Do I skip this step and just go into the next stitch?

  20. 42

    Joanne says

    I made the little infant beanie for my son’s and daughter-in law’s little foster child. It is so cute and your method for connecting the rounds is brilliant! I can’t even see where they begin and end unless I really look! Thanks so much!

  21. 44

    Andrea says

    I was wondering if this if for the increasing rounds only, or do you continue this throughout an entire hat? Either way, how do you get to the point where you ends your hat even? Another words, how do you end so that you don’t have one part slightly higher than the other?

    • 45

      Lorene says

      Yes I use this method the entire hat. Because you are crocheting over the chain and sl sting into the first st to end there is never a step up or down… but you can also read my post on the invisible finish to see how I end my hats.

  22. 46

    Ally says

    Im pretty new to crochet and I love making hats but I hate the seam! I used this method for a beanie and it worked perfectly. I also used it for making a slouchy hat but I emded up with a seam going in a spiral. Did I do it too tight or does it not work for slouchie hats?

    • 47

      Lorene says

      your “seam” will always be in a spiral, it may be more noticeable in a slouch hat because it has such a larger base. Try chaining 2 instead of 1 at the beginning of the round next time. Some yarns, colors, stitches, etc show the seam a little more than others. It isn’t always completely invisible, but close.

  23. 49

    Jenny says

    I am just winging a round afghan without a pattern and not sure when to increasing. Also, do you increase by just adding 1 stitch at the beginning of the row? Thank you for the tutorial on seamless round, it really helped! Thanks in advance!!

  24. 51

    Debbie says

    When you are doing the circle round tutorial, round three you say will take 38 stitches but when you finish it, you count out 35/36 into the previously left empty stitch.

  25. 53

    Sherri-Lynn says

    You are brilliant! Who taught you this? Or did you figure it out yourself? Thank you. I’m inspired. Can’t wait to go make anything round (hat?) to try this out.

    • 54

      Lorene says

      I honestly have no idea how I started doing it this way. I am completely self taught so this is just the way I taught myself to work in the round… I had no idea about chain ups until I started joining fb crochet groups and saw other peoples work… I decided to share my way of doing it… it has been very successful for many people… I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  26. 55

    cheryl barnett says

    Thank you for sharing your work. I am cimpletely self taught as well and sometimes have a hard time understanding written patterns. The fact that that you give video instruction with your patterns is truly awesome. Many many thanks!

  27. 57

    Michelle says

    So I am very new to crocheting hats but I made one yesterday using your methods. Mine did end up with a seam however .. one that curved down the hat. I am not sure if that is normal or if I made a mistake? It certainly looks better than the first hat I made which somehow ended up with gaps along the seam that I had to cover with a flower.

    • 58

      Lorene says

      Some yarns it is not “completely” invisible, it is literally impossible to have the first and last st look exactly the same in crochet, by seamless I mean there is no one obvious straight seam running down the back of the hat. You can make hats continuous rounds, no ending from one round to the next, but this causes the work to spiral and you can’t change colors or stitches in the rows.

      With practice you can make this method work even better for you. tension plays a big role. Certain yarns to work better as well. If you sl st into the back loop only of the first st it will also be less obvious.

  28. 59

    Susan Hall-Amado says

    Thank you so very much for this tutorial. I recently began a cottage industry using my love of crochet and knitting. I have sold many of my creations thus far. I am always trying to improve on my skills and just happened to come across your site. I have always hated that seam in the back of my crocheted hats and wondered how I could hide the join, now I know how. Your video and all the very clear pictures makes it easy to learn this technique. I can hardly wait to start my next commisioned hat.
    Once again, a hearty thank you.

  29. 60

    Carolyn Ferschke says

    Hi. I love this method! I can’t wait to try it. Just a question. For double crochet, the video shows you chain 1 before the new round, but the written instructions say 2 for dc. Does it matter since the chain gets ignored anyway? Thank you for sharing this method.

  30. 62

    Linda says

    Thanks! My first few hats made from your written directions had a bulge at the place I joined rounds, but I didn’t know I was to slip stitch into the ack of the previously first stitch or to go really farther down to catch the empty stitch before that for the last stitch of a round. Maybe i won’t get a bulge at the place I join now!

    • 63

      Lorene says

      yes, now that you have the joining right, you shouldn’t have a bulge. Did you watch the video?

  31. 64

    Sue says

    I can’t believe how great your seamless join looks! I have been crocheting for over 55 years, and this is the first time I have been shown this join. THANK YOU!!!

  32. 66

    Lauren says

    Thanks so much for the video. I’ve knitted for years and finally have time to learn how to crochet. You answered lots of questions for me!!!

  33. 67

    Shirley says

    This website is a miracle for beginners like me. I have been struggling for months to finish a piece with not much luck. Your tutorials were all I needed to get up and running again. Thank you so much for all the tips. They are VERY HELPFUL. Keep up the good hookin’.

  34. 69

    Alyssa says

    I am a beginner crocheter and have been furious with the slanting seam any of my work in the round creates. I try to redo it, or try new patterns, or try new methods, and end up pulling my hair out in agony trying to understand why it has to be this way.

    But now, after coming here, I know it doesn’t need to be. This is the BEST and not to mention SIMPLEST, most brilliant fix for this common problem. I cannot express enough gratitude for you in sharing this with us. I now feel the confidence to move forward with my learning and I’m now enthusiastic about delving into new projects in the round! I am working on a beanie and the instant I tried your method the slanting seam disappeared and I can no longer tell where my joins are happening.

    THANK YOU!!!

    Eternally grateful,

  35. 71

    Edna says

    This is wonderful! I will start to make hats with the size I want. You are so helpful. Thank you very much I learn so much. I am just a beginner.

  36. 72

    cheryl fredrickson says

    Where do I find the other 2 tutorials on seamless rounds for sc and hdc?I got alot out of the dc seamless round tutorial.Thanks Cheryl

  37. 74

    Isabel says

    Thank you so much for this method!
    I am a beginner at crochet and did a couple of hats and I thought there was something wrong… One of them was OK as the colours were forgiving but the other one had colour changes every other row so it was very apparent where the round went up – I didn’t understand why my hat was not looking like the one on the picture (probably because picture only shows the “front” of the finished hat)…
    Anyway, I then used your method and it looks now beautiful and seamless even when changing colours every other round!
    By far the easiest method I could find too!
    Thank you for sharing!

  38. 76


    These are the best, clearest and easiest tutorials, I have watched. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me , so kind of you. I will certainly be watching out for you beautiful patterns, and I will share your knowledge with my friends who are also trying to learn to crochet. What a lovely Palestine and hobby it is. Bless you.Best wishes

  39. 78

    Nancy Hudson says

    Thank you so much for the seamless round tutorial. I also hate those ugly joining seams and I have probably checked out every video out there, but I like yours the best. I was also working on a toddler dress a while back, which is done in the round, and I never finished it because of the ugly seam, but I’m going to try your way on that as well. Thanks again.

  40. 80

    Brenda waltman says

    I have been making a lot of Amigurumi dolls and have been unhappy with the “seams” I got from joining rounds. I tried your method and it is better but still visible but In a spiral. I find that this also creates a problem with increasing for shaping. Any suggestions?

  41. 82

    Lavern Odom says

    Love, love, love this method!! It even makes it easier to see where the round ends/begins. Thank you.


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