Magic Circle or Ring Crochet

Magic Circle or Ring Crochet Rounds

There are many methods to start a hat or any item in the round.  My favorite way and the way that I believe gives the most professional finished look is the magic circle or ring.   You can watch my video tutorial here…

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Picture Tutorial

pick up the yarn, hold the short end in the palm of your hand, leaving approximately 6″, leave the long working tail over the back of your hand

wrap the long working tail under the bottom of your hand to the top and grip the place where it intersects with your thumb and forefinger

place your hook in the resulting circle and pick up the strand of yarn from the long working tail

pull up and make a loop

yarn over and crochet a slip stitch (this will NOT count as any stitches in your pattern)

this is what it will look like after you complete your slip stitch

begin to crochet around the circle, using the circle like you would any stitch

008  009
once you have completed your stitches, pull the short tail to close the circle

010   011   012
slip stitch into the top of the first stitch in the magic ring (not the original slip stitch)

013   014
and now you have completed your magic circle or ring.  You can make the center hole smaller by pulling the short tail taut.  Stitch tail into finished item to secure tight.

For a professional look all the way throughout your hat check out my tutorials on seamless rounds.

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I hope you enjoyed these picture and video tutorials on how to crochet a magic circle or ring.  If you have any questions or comments please comment below or email me at and I will get back to you soon.

Have fun and as always…

Happy Hookin’


  1. 4

    Melanie says

    I have crocheted for years and never seen this. Came across your website on Facebook and I love it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and great talent!

  2. 10

    Lory says

    I, like some others, have crocheted for years, made any number of hats but was never totally happy with the way the top of the hat would come out. This made my latest turn out so much better. Thank you for posting both the pictures and the video, it made it so much easier to follow each step. Great job!

  3. 12

    Lisa Peacock says

    Yay, I did the magic circle right on my first try, thanks so much, being able to close the circle give the finished product a much nice look.

    • 13

      Lorene says

      Awesome… glad it worked out well for you… thanks for letting me know. It really does give a nicer finished look.

  4. 14

    Terry Day says

    Thank you for the video on the magic circle ring. I have watched others before, but none were as clear and easy to follow as your video. Now, I think I am ready to try the magic circle!

  5. 20

    Gayle says

    Terrific tutorial. I have tried the magic circle several times to no avail. I discovered what I was doing wrong after watching your tutorial. Superb step by step instructions. Thank you for sharing your talent with us . Yours, Gayle

  6. 22

    Curtia says

    I love the magic circle. Thank u for teaching it to me. I have not crocheted in over 20 years and I have been trying to reteach myself. Thank u again. Have a blessed day.

  7. 24

    Louise Marie says

    I, like so many others, have been crocheting for many years. For me, it is almost 40 years! i have recently heard about the magic circle. Have researched several tutorials and been unimpressed. Now, however, i am excited to try it. i know i will love it. Do you realize what a big change this magic circle has made on crocheting? And you, my lady, have truly got a grip on it. i am glad i found you. Now i am ready for the crocodile stitch! Got a tutorial on that one?

    • 25

      Lorene says

      Thank you, so glad you liked it. I do not have a tutorial on the crocodile stitch but my friend Mikey does. Google Mermaid Tears Purse… he has a great video tutorial on a purse using the stitch. I’ve made 4 myself.

  8. 27

    Judy says

    Thx for the demo of the ‘magic circle’. It’s great to watch a tutorial that’s clear, at the right pace and easy to follow. You truly know your audience.

  9. 29

    Sharyn says

    Ty so much for taking the time to post this tutorial. I have 16 grandchildren who manage to lose there beanies every year I think purposely so that I am asked to crochet an updated one. This tutorial was so informative and your patience with the instructions has made for me to create a much more professional looking project for even my granny squares. Being a self taught crocheter stumbling onto this site was a god sent for me. I applaud you Lorene for sharing your expertise

  10. 31

    Selma (Jahn) says

    When I think of all the time I’ve wasted doing that initial circle–Never knowing for sure whether to count the first stitch, miscounting the number of stitches, etc.–I can’t believe someone came up with a simple method to get it neat and right the first time! I can’t wait to try it out.
    BTW, where the tutorial said to “to play the video, click here,” or words to that effect–I could find no link to click on. I clicked on the word “here,” which was just black, and in several places around the blank square area, but nothing happened. Not to worry, however, since I was able to follow pictures in the tutorial just fine! Thanks so much for great instructions.

  11. 35


    This helped me so much. When I would. Finish. A hat , I was never pleased with the end result because it always looked tacky where I had joined the rounds together. Noe they are smooth and neat. Thank you so much . Awesome website.

  12. 39


    I am not computer savy at all. I do not know what download means or were it gos. I am 86 years old and crocheted since a young girl. I love your easy instructions on new ways to do old things. I pushed the download button to get a crochet book that I thought was to be sent to my address. Wrong! No one asked for my address the computer started I guess downloading, It was 11 p.m. I turned it off at 12;30 and turned it back on the next day at 9 a.m. It worked on and on for two more hours and I don’t know where it is. Is there some way I can copy a pattern with out downloading. Too old to learn all about this computer just like to crochet. Thank you, Maria

    • 40

      Lorene says

      yes, the download button you clicked on is not to download the pattern, it is actually an advertisement that appears on my blog (that is how us bloggers are compensated for the many countless hours we spend designing and publishing free patterns). I’m sorry for the confusion.

      If you scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the post you will see a button that says “cleanprint” click on that button and it will allow you to print or save the pattern. Please let me know if you need any further assistance. Thank you!

  13. 41

    Donnalynn says

    Thank you for the magic circle! I have never learned that before and now I know how, well at least I’m going to try to do it. It looks easy enough, I excited to try! Thank you again.

  14. 42

    Janet says

    Thanks for this easy pattern for a beginner. I wanted to learn to do the magic circle. So I am going try and create this hat.

  15. 43

    Cindy Kloosterman says

    Thank You for the Magic Circle video.
    I could have read directions for it over and over, but never would have learned it as well as I did from your video. To be able to watch it being done is a much easier way to learn.
    Thank you for taking the time to make your videos. I appreciate them!

  16. 45

    Cinda says

    Thank you for the tutorial, I’ve tried it before but didn’t get it. Now, thanks to your tutorial, I’ve got it!


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