Bridal Garter Free Crochet Pattern

Bridal Garter
Free Crochet Pattern

This bridal garter is the second installment in my Bridal Series.  It is super easy to crochet and would make a wonderful addition to a bridal shower gift.  I attached a small vintage brooch to spice it up a bit.  I hope you enjoy this free crochet bridal garter pattern.

garter with bouquet 5

#3 cotton thread (I used Lydia’s)
2.75 mm steel thread hook
small needle (with larger eye) to weave in ends
1/2″ elastic (see notes)

I dyed my elastic using RIT dye.  The RIT website had detailed instructions and a chart to customize your colors. Alternately you could just purchase colored elastic, but I only had white on hand and I prefer to color my own fabrics rather than spend more money on already colored fabrics whenever possible.

garter bridal 025

1- Chain 198
2- Sl st ch together to join into a round… be sure not to twist
3- Ch 1 (count as first sc) 1sc in each of the next 197 sts (top loop only). sl st into ch1 to join round
4- Ch3, 1tc in next st and every st around, sl st into top of ch3 to join round.
5- Ch1, 1sc in next st and every st around, sl st into ch1 to join round
6- Ch2 and 3hdc in same st. *sk 2sts. 4hdc in next st. Repeat from * around. join round with sl st, fasten off and weave in ends.
step 6 completed 2  step 6 completed

7- Insert hook anywhere on opposite side (without edging) and repeat step6 to edge other side, edging does not need to line up perfectly, so don’t stress.
step 7 completed 2  step 7 completed

8- Take your elastic (plain white, pre colored or hand dyed) and mark to desired length (do not cut, as it will be harder to work with a short piece). Wrap it around your own thigh to determine length, remember you will need to measure the length when it is stretched). Attach a safety pin at one side of elastic and weave elastic through the tc stitches. I weaved under three, over one. Be sure elastic is not twisted.
step 8 pin to weave  step 8 weaving 2

9- Sew or hand stitch elastic closed (overlap and sew securely). A sewing machine will do a much better and more secure job but I did not feel like lugging out my machine for such a little project and your garter will only be worn once so as long as you hand sew it well it will be fine. This is one of those instances where finished look is not as important as strength. I sewed two basic lines across and then whip stitched around all four edges (two raw edges and finished sides)
step 9 sew  step 9 sew 2

garter bridal 049

Add any embellishments you may like.  I used a vintage brooch, but some small crocheted flowers in the brides colors would look great too.

garter worn

I hope you enjoyed this bridal garter free crochet pattern.  If you like what you see please share… the more people come look the more I can continue to share my patterns for free.

Also be sure to check out this free Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere pattern as well.

bridal28  boutinerre bridal flowers

Have a great day and as always….

Happy Hookin’


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