Chloe V Puff Stitch Cowl

Chloe Cowl
V puff stitch cowl

This pattern was created to match the Chloe Slouch. This cowl, just like its matching slouch hat, is both stylish and functional. The V puff stitches give it interesting visual appeal. Chloe V Puff Stitch Cowl Free Pattern brought to you by Cre8tion Crochet

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¾ skein Red Heart with Love- color used- Pewter
OR 275 yards of any worsted weight yarn
5.5mm hook

Skilled Beginner- Intermediate

12″ (30.5 cm) wide at top and bottom 14″ (35.5 cm) wide in center 11″ (28 cm) tall


VPS= V Puff Stitch- created using to half puff stitches with a ch2 between. *Yarn over (yo), insert hook in stitch (st), yo, pull through st (3 loops on hook). Yo, insert hook in same st, yo, pull through st (5 loops on hook). Yo and pull through all 5 loops. Chain 2 repeat from * one time. vps FREE crochet pattern by Cre8tion Crochet-  The Chloe V Puff Stitch Cowl


  • Sl st into the top of the first st (vps or sc) to join each round, skipping over the ch1
  • Technically the symbol shown in the chart below is for a popcorn stitch (variation), however there was not a symbol to illustrate the two half puff stitches combined to make a VPS (V Puff Stitch), used in this pattern.  Please refer to the “Special Stitches” above for a description of the VPS.





Round 1:  FSC 75. Join with sl st

Round 2:  Ch1. 1sc in every st around. Sl st into the top of the 1st sc (skipping over the ch1) <75>

Round 3:  Ch1. VPS in same st. Ch1. *Skip 2sts. VPS in next st. Ch1. Repeat from * to end. Sl st into
the first st on top of the first VPS, skipping over the ch1, to join round. <25VPS with 25 ch1’s in between>.

Round 4:  Sl st into ch2 sp (center) of first VPS. Ch1. VPS in same st. VPS in ch2 (center) sp of every VPS of previous round. Sl st into the top of the first st on the VPS to join round (skipping over ch1). <25VPS with 25 ch1’s in between>

Rounds 5-23:  Repeat row 4

Round 24:  Ch1. *1sc in the next ch2 space. Skip the next st. 1sc in each of the next 2sts (these two stitches appear as if they are between the VPS’). Repeat from * around. Sl st into the first sc to join round. <75>

Round 25: Ch1. 1sc in every st around. Do not sl st into the first sc to join. Follow my invisible finish to fasten off.

You can find the matching Chloe V Puff Stitch Slouch here

free crochet slouch hat pattern- the chloe- v puff stitch slouch by cre8tion crochet

I hope you enjoyed this pattern, have fun and as always
happy hookin’

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Pattern was created using Red Heart With Love in Pewter

red heart with love pewter

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  1. 3

    Catarina says

    I really love it, and I have try it, but I just think it’s a “yarn eater” that stich.
    But I love it :)
    Nice to have you back.

    • 4

      Lorene says

      Good to be back. It really doesn’t eat too much yarn, more than a regular dc, of course, but not a ridiculous amount.

  2. 5

    Sharyn says

    How do u change 100 chains or more and keep it from twisting please help. I was trying to make a cowl it required 175 chains tried twice and it kept twisting. I’m a newcomer when o comes to crochet I have been teaching myself just by reading. Still get confused when it comes to hat size with a girl & women either it turns out to big or to little. I just take it all a lose, any advise.

    • 6

      Lorene says

      hold the one end (where you just finished) with your dominant hand. Use your other hand to work down the chain, making sure it doesn’t twist then line up the loop with the loop in the first st of the chain and sl st together. It is something you just have to practice. I hope to be able to make a video on it soon.

  3. 7

    Iva says

    I would lide to do this very nice cowl for my 8 years old daughter, can you help me? I don´t know how many FSC to do at start. Thanks Iva

    • 8

      Lorene says

      you could easily make it this size… if you think it is too big then you can make it smaller. Your fsc needs to be divisible by 3. So you could do 69 or 72 and it will be a little smaller.

  4. 10

    Kaylynne says

    Hi, I am in the beginning processes of making this and have just finished the fsc. The pattern says to join with slip stitch but I keep getting confused where to attach to the other end to keep it all matching. I gather that you crochet in the round and do not turn after each row? There’s just something tricky about starting the second row. Will I start on the bottom of the beginning of the fsc or on the top. Wish I could explain myself better. Better yet, I wish there were a short video clip. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch, Kaylynne

    • 11

      Lorene says

      This is how I do it. I pull up the loop (where the hook is) then I hold that end in my dominant hand (right hand in my case). then using my other hand I slide down the foundation chain till I get to the beginning, making sure it is not twisted…. then I line first st made, with the the last st made (next to the loop). Insert my hook back into the loop, pull snug, and sl st into the first st made (along the top), tail and beginning slip knot will be on the bottom. There will be a gap at the bottom but you will close that up when you weave in your tail. Once you are sl stitched closed you just crochet along the top like normal.

      Good luck.

  5. 15

    Debbie h says

    Beautiful by the way ♡ it!!
    If I wanted to do a scarf instead of a cowl, how would I extend it. By multiples of three? (Per answer to another question) Also, I haven’t yet mastered (lol) the fsc, would a regular sc work okay??
    Thank You!

    • 16

      Lorene says

      Do you mean would a regular chain work? Yes. Chain to your desired length then sc in every st. Your chain must be a divisible of 3 plus one. Then you need to add one more chain for your sc turning chain. Good luck

  6. 17

    Karen says

    Just trying out your pattern! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Quick question. The VPS calls for a chain 2 at the end, and then your pattern calls for a chain 1 as well. Does that mean I need to do 3 chains between each VPS? Just wanted to clarify before I finished! Thanks!

    • 18

      Lorene says

      The VPS description has the Ch 2 in between the puffs. It is the V puff stitch (two puff stitches with a ch2 in between) the chain 1’s of the pattern are between the completed VPS so it would be… 1 chain. 1 puff stitch. 2 chains. 1 puff stitch. 1 chain. Does that make sense?

  7. 19

    Carissa says

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m following the instructions to the pattern, yet my V-Puffs are not lining up as they are in the photos of the cowl you have shared. The CH 2 in between each half puff is making the rows off-set.

    • 23

      Lorene says

      I’m sorry you had problems with the instructions, but I can guarantee you that the pattern is correct. Did you read the notes section, it explains some things you may have missed.

      I’ve attached a link where you can see all the projects where people in Ravelry have made this pattern with no issues. It was also professionally tech edited.

      If there is anything I can help you with specifically, please let me know.

  8. 24

    Rescuemouse says

    Hi there, LOVE the pattern! Am following your instructions with some nice super-bulky yarn. Am confused about row 24 though… following your description I only get 25 sc at the end of the row, not 75. I guess I´m supposed to put 2 sc in every ch2-space and 1 sc in every ch1-space? That would add up to 75…. Would love to hear from you! Maybe my brain just got lost in all that yarny goodness…. ;p

    • 25

      Lorene says

      You’ll put 1sc in each stitch, and 1 in every Ch2 sp (since each Vpuff st has 2sts and 1Ch2. and there are 25 Vpuff sts than that makes 75sc). I hope you figured it out. I’m glad you like the pattern!

      • 26

        Rescuemouse says

        Jay!! Now I get it!! Thank you so much! (By the way: my boyfriend already called dibs on this very project….. Will have to do another one in a more girly colour…. :))) )


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