How to Determine Right Side of Crochet

how to determine the right side vs wrong side of crochet... easy peasy

Right Side vs Wrong Side Did you know there was a right side of crochet?  Have you ever seen the abbreviations RS and WS in a pattern and wondered what they meant? Well, RS equals right side and WS equals wrong side. Now that’s all fine and dandy but how the heck do you know which is which? If ... [ Read More ]

Foundation Double Crochet

Foundation Chain Double Crochet tutorial

Free Crochet Tutorial Foundation Double Crochet This method is used to replace the beginning chain and the second row in any dc pattern. It combines both to not only save the step but also to provide a more professional look. Below is my picture tutorial on this method. If you have any questions ... [ Read More ]

How to Design your own Custom Crochet Hat

design your own hat

How to Design your OWN Custom Crochet Hat I will teach you the basics to design your own hat or to customize any hat pattern, and I will work with you to create a hat of your own. The hat we will be working on will be a basic beanie, though you will have three different options for style. You can ... [ Read More ]

Fiber Dying- How to Dye Yarn

yarn dying with cre8tion crochet

How to Dye Yarn What do I do with all my left over food coloring after Easter??? Traditions. Every holiday has them. Easter is a time for trips to see the Easter bunny, Easter Mass, Easter egg hunts and a big family dinner. But the most memorable Easter tradition I had growing up was dying Easter ... [ Read More ]

Magic Circle or Ring Crochet


Magic Circle or Ring Crochet Rounds There are many methods to start a hat or any item in the round.  My favorite way and the way that I believe gives the most professional finished look is the magic circle or ring.   You can watch my video tutorial here... Check out my other tutorials ... [ Read More ]

The Invisible Finish


I HATE when you can see where a finished piece was ended.  Almost as much as I hate seams (you can find my seamless crochet methods here).  This is my method for finishing a piece of work, especially useful in hats, so that you can not easily tell where the last stitch was completed and secured. ... [ Read More ]

New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern


New and Improved Sashay Scarf Pattern I am a crocheter, I can knit but I really don't like to but I love the Sashay ruffle scarfs and recently had an order for 12 of them from one of the stores I sell at. I used the method where you insert your hook every other stitch for 10-12 stitches and then ... [ Read More ]

My Crochet Filled Life


  Everyday, I Crochet!  Crochet is a part of my everyday life.  Sometimes I can't sleep for dreaming of it all night long... fixing crocheting problems in my head, thinking about my next free pattern or what my next blog post will be... and of course how it is gonna pay the bills. While crochet ... [ Read More ]