Zebra Newborn Blanket

I love animal print, especially zebra print and I really love the way it looks with hot pink.  I have a friend who is expecting her first girl any day now and she is also really into zebra print so I created this lovely blanket for her soon to be bundle of joy.  It is VERY easy to work up and unlike some zebra prints I have seen it is varied in design.  I hope you enjoy creating this cuddly Zebra Newborn Blanket for someone in your life.

This blanket can easily be made larger but must be worked in increments of 100 (200, 300).   Make sure to chain one extra stitch for turning in the first chain.

crochet blanket free pattern zebra print


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Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Carons Simply Soft)
660 yards white
660 yards black yarn
approximately 80-100 yards of border color (I used Hot Pink)

5.0mm hook
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


ch(s) – chain(s), sc – single crochet, hdc – half double crochet, dc – double crochet, st(s) – stitch(es),

Not important with this project


  • You do not NEED to chain at the beginning of every row, however if you feel more comfortable chaining than you can Ch2 and turn at the end of every row… however that  Ch2 does NOT count in your st count… the first hdc of each row will be stitched into the first st of each row.
  • The first and last stitch of EVERY row are hdc, (as are each stitch between changes in height of rows).
  • To make finishing easier, every time I make a color change I tie a knot, connecting the tails of the old color and the new color.  Then I weave over the tails (if they are still sticking out when I’m done I just cut them shorter).  That way I only have to weave in the first and last tails of the project.  OR you can carry your unused yarn color up the side of the work, and cover over with your border.
  • At some point this pattern will look like its not “wavy” any longer, don’t worry it will all turn out.  Each “block” of stripes (2 rows of black and 2 rows of white) will make a rectangle, with straight lines on each side.  When you do the next two rows (of white) you will begin to see the next “wave”.  When the blanket is finished you will not be able to see the straight lines.
  • Every two rows in the same color are the same stitches stacked on top of each other, the next two rows (of the opposite color) are the opposite exact stitches stacked on top of each other.  Eg, if the two black rows start with dc then the two white rows will start with sc.  If you have any questions please comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

The finished width of the blanket will vary depending on the yarn used and your gauge.  Mine is 31″ x 28″ (including border).


free crochet pattern zebra blanket


  1. with colorA (black)
    Chain 101
  2. hdc across <100>
  3. *hdc in first st, 1dc in each of the next 18sts, 1hdc in 20th st, 1sc in each of the next 19sts, 1hdc in 40th st, 1dc in each of  the next 19sts, 1hdc in the 60th st, 1sc in each of the next 19sts, 1hdc in the 80th st, 1dc in each of the next 19sts, 1hdc in the 100th st.
  4. using same color repeat instructions in row 3 for row 4
  5. Change to color B
    hdc in first st, 1sc in each of the next 18sts, 1hdc in the 20th st, 1dc in each of the next 19sts, 1hdc in the 40th st, 1sc in each of the next 19sts, 1hdc in the 60th st, 1dc in each of the next 19sts, 1hdc in the 80th st, 1sc in each of the next 19sts, 1hdc in the 100th st.
  6. using same color repeat this pattern in next row.
  7. Change back to color A
    hdc in first st, 1dc in each of the  next 23sts, 1hdc in 25th st, 1sc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 50th st, 1dc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 75th st, 1sc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 100th st.
  8. using same color crochet next row as follows, 1hdc in first st, 1sc in each of  the next 23sts, 1hdc in 25th st, 1dc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 50th st, 1sc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 75th st, 1dc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 100th st.
  9. Change to color B
    hdc in first st, 1sc in each of the next 23sts, 1hdc in 25th st, 1dc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 50th st, 1sc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 75th st, 1dc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 100th st.
  10. turn and using the same color crochet across as follows.  hdc in first st, 1dc in each of the next 23sts, 1hdc in 25th st, 1sc in each of  the next 24sts, 1hdc in 50th st, 1dc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 75th st, 1sc in each of the next 24sts, 1hdc in 100th st.
  11. Change to color A
    hdc in first st, 1dc in each of the next 8sts, 1hdc in 10th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 20th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 30th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 40th st, 1 dc in each of the next 9st, 1hdc in 50th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 60th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc 70th st, 1 sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 80th st, 1 dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc 90th s, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 100th st.
  12. using same color repeat this pattern in next row.
  13. Change to color B
    hdc in first st, 1sc in each of the next 8sts, 1hdc in 10th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 20th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 30th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 40th st, 1 sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 50th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 60th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc 70th st, 1 dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 80th st, 1 sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc 90th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 100th st.
  14. turn and crochet across as follows, hdc in first st, 1dc in each of the next 8sts, 1hdc in 10th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 20th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 30th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 40th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 50th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 60th st, 1dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc 70th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 80th st, 1 dc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc 90th st, 1sc in each of the next 9sts, 1hdc in 100th st.
  15. Repeat from * to desired length, finish off and weave in ends
  16. To END-  each color has two rows, to finish off only do first row of new color (I recommend ending in black) and then one or two rows of hdc in same color.


  1. sc around entire blanket in color A (black) with 3sc in each corner
  2. change to border color (pink) in 1st space, chain 2, yo, insert hook into same space, yarn over, pull through space (3 loops on hook), yo and pull through 1st two loops (2 loops left on hook), yo, insert hook into same sp, pull through (4 loops on hook), yo, pull through 1st two spaces (3 loops left on hook), yo and pull through all three loops.
  3. In next (and every) space crochet as follows; yo, insert hook into st, yo,  pull through st, yo,  and pull through the 1st two loops (2 loops on hook), yo again, and insert hook into same st, yo, and pull through st, (4 loops on hook), yo again and pull through 1st two loops (3 loops left on hook), yo  and insert hook into same st, yo again, and pull through st, yo,  and pull through 1st two loops on hook (4 loops left on hook),  yo  one last time and pull through all four loops.
  4. In all four corners; yo, insert hook, yo,  pull through, yo, pull through 1st two sp (2 loops on hook), yo, insert hook into same sp, yo, pull through, (4 loops on hook), yo and pull through 1st two loops (3 loops left on hook), yo, pull through all three loops.  Repeat 3 more times in each corner.
  5. finish off and weave in ends.


If you like, add a flower of your choice to one corner of blanket on both sides.  I used  a modified version of the flower used in the Mermaid Tears Purse by Bernhart.

flower for free crochet zebra blanket

Check out the matching Zebra Newborn Hat Pattern

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    • 2

      Lorene says

      It was actually pretty easy once I figured it out. I had been going from sc to hdc to dc but it wasn’t looking right. Jumping from sc to dc with the one stitch of hdc in between really gives in a nice effect. I’m going to do a matching hat soon. I’ve already done a few but not with this design.

  1. 5

    Vikkie says

    Hi, I am very new to crocheting, I am wondering if there is a video or if someone would be willing to post one on this pattern to help me get started?

    • 6

      Lorene says

      You’re best bet is to look on youtube. I do plan on having some videos soon, but I have not gotten around to it yet. Just look up how to chain, do single crochet (sc) half double crochet (hdc) and double crochet (dc). Once you get these stitches down you will have no problem. If you need any other help just ask. I also recommend joining some crochet pages on facebook.

      • 8

        Lorene says

        I’m not sure who Vikkie is, but at this time there is not a video for this blanket. There may be one in the future. However this pattern is very easy to make. If you need any help I will be glad to assist you.

  2. 9

    Kathy says

    Thank you for sharing!! I love the vibrancy of the pattern. I’m e-mailing you to find out if I may use the pattern to make a straight shape shawl for our Pray shawl group at church? We do not sell them. We are always looking for something to lighten up a person’s spirit & brighten their day.. I know this pattern would do it!

    • 10

      Lorene says

      Sure. I post my free patterns for others to enjoy and get inspiration from… and to sell if they so desire. Thanks for asking though.

  3. 13

    `Laurel McClellan says

    I’m new to crocheting, somehow my rows are getting longer as I go up? Can you tell me why? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your time….Laurel

    • 14

      Lorene says

      I’m not sure except that you must be adding a stitch somewhere. Count them as you go, there should be 100 stitches per row. Count your stitches now and see where you are at. We’ll go from there. What row are you on?

  4. 15

    dawn says

    reread my question and dont think it is clear lol…i will chain 202..now when i do the HDC in the 100 stitch do i start over at the beginning of the pattern? or do i reverse it? as it will end with with DC and start with DC..i think that is clearer :)

    • 16

      Lorene says

      Start the pattern as normal (chain 201 instead of 101) and then do not make the last hdc in the pattern… just keep repeating what you were doing (20dc, 20sc, or 25sc, 25dc). Just make sure you always do the hdc in between changes (sc to dc) and for the 1st and last stitch. Hope that is clear, let me know if you need further clarification.

      • 17

        Stacey says

        I have doubled the pattern. I’m still on my first block of black. I did not read your comment about skipping the hdc in the middle of the blanket prior to completing my first row. Is it ok if I leave that hdc or is it going to mess up the pattern?

        • 18

          Lorene says

          I don’t know for sure because I haven’t done it, but I’m thinking it is gonna mess it up.. unless for the next row you ignore the hdc and count it as the sc OR dc it was supposed to be.

      • 19

        caitlin says

        hey, i just started this pattern, and on one edge of my work it is decreasing, the other side is all lined up nicely, and i saw that you are supposed to not make the hdc in the pattern, thats not the ones in the front or back or the ones inbetween, so im confused at to what hdc im not supposed to do.

        • 20

          Lorene says

          I’m sorry I do not understand your question at all. Do you mean if you make the the original chain larger than 100? If you make the chain 200 (201) or longer than you just skip the first hdc of each row when you repeat the line for the second section. Just make sure there are not two hdc’s in a row. So for line one you would do the whole line of instructions, then start over at the beginning of the line again BUT do not do the first hdc of that row, just continue with the same pattern.

  5. 21

    Cynchet says

    This pattern is just too adorable! I was wondering if I half the pattern, if it would work out for my “Preemie” donations. Please tell me your opinion and/or advice.

    • 22

      Lorene says

      It can’t really be halved because of how its written but you can certainly change it. I would recommend doing the first row 61 stitches and then each subsequent row will be 60 stitches. Then take out the rows 10-15 (25stitches) You can instead make it 15 stitches (so just substitute the 25 for 15… hope that makes sense? (the zebra stripe rows need to all be in multiples of the total # of stitches… 20, 25 and 10 are all multiples of 100. So you can do 20, 15 and 10 which are all multiples of 60). Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions. You can also email me at cre8tion@ymail.com

  6. 23

    Heather says

    I love this pattern. I have a question about it though. I have completed the first 2 row (one black and one white) and they came out wavy just like the pictures. When I started the the 2nd strip of black it came out straight because when I repeated the row the SC matched up with the DC. This is the same for the next 2 white and black rows (rows 10 and 13) that I completed, no waves just pretty much straight. I see that rows 10, 13, 16, and 19 start with either a SC or DC and end in the opposite, while rows 4 and 7 begin and end with the same stitch. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

    • 24

      Lorene says

      When you say rows do you mean actual rows or sections/blocks of colors? The first row (starting chain) is black. Then there are TWO rows of black, then TWO rows of white, so on and so forth. So that each section/block of color will be opposite. The pattern calls for where to change colors. So that I can help you better can you please email me a pic to cre8tion@ymail.com… that way I can look and see. I’ve done this pattern twice and I’ve had others complete it with no problems so I know its written correctly but maybe you are just getting messed up on something simple and we can figure it out together. I look forward to seeing it and getting it figured out. Thanks

    • 25

      Theresa says

      I know what you are talking about. I made the same mistake. I was repeating it exactly as written when you start the in next 23 sp. I was doing both rows of the black the same, making it just a straight instead of wavy. When you turn to do the second row, you will do the opposite and start with 23 sc.

      Does that make sense, Heather?

      • 26

        Lorene says

        Thanks Theresa that is correct…. I did also redo the pattern… it should work up perfect now. Thank you to those who let me know about the error’s.

        • 27

          Michele says

          The pattern I downloaded this week still makes you end up with straight lines if you repeat the pattern as written and don’t do the opposite! I’ve done it and ripped it out about 5 times now and it is always the same. For example point 10 of my instructions starts with 1 sc in next 23 sp and ends with 1 sc in last 24 sp. if I then repeat the pattern for the next row I will do 1 sc on top of the last 24 sc which makes it straight.

          The same in point 16 too.

          The only row that worked is the first block of black and white! Shall I just do it the other way around as it seems to me what is required is sc on top of sc and dc on top of dcs when using the same colour??

          • 28

            Lorene says

            If you are making the pattern longer than 101 chains than you will need to switch the directions for one of the sections. Just make sure that the two black stripes are both either dc or sc and that the two white stripes are also the same as each other. The black stripes should be the opposite of whatever the white stripes below it are.

            The pattern is only written for 101 chains, I just gave some pointers for making it longer, just adjust it to the
            “pattern” of the rest of the blanket.

    • 29

      Lorene says

      I’m so sorry. I went back and re made the pattern and I found my mistake. I would of never found it if I hadn’t re made the blanket. It actually worked out well because I needed a new one to add to my Etsy shop but I had been procrastinating on making one.
      I hope you still make the pattern and do not have any further problems with it… if you do pleae let me know. I’d also love to see the finished product. You can email me pics at cre8tion@ymail.com. Thanks

  7. 32

    Sandee says

    If you start with 201 stitches instead of 101
    Would row 2 be hdc across 200?
    what would row 3 be? Sorry i’m not experienced enough to crochet without complete written instructions in front of me.

    • 33

      Lorene says

      yes row 2 is going to be hdc no matter what size you make the blanket. If you are making it larger you will follow the same theme (a certain amount of stiches) sc OR dc, with ONE hdc in between. So if you are doing 200 you will just repeat the instructions for each row 2x.

  8. 34

    Sandee says

    In Row # 3 stitch 100 is hdc what is stitch 101. do you start at beginnig of directions *hdc and just repeat that row across? Again sorry that i’m inexperienced at adjusting pattern size

  9. 35

    Jeannie says

    Can you tell me the dimensions of this newborn blanket? I’m debating whether to make it as is or add an additional increment of 100.

    Thanks for your help.

    • 36

      Lorene says

      The width finished (with border) is 31″. You can make it to length, I made mine 28″ long because I don’t like it perfectly square.

  10. 41


    TFS this adorable pattern, I have been crocheting for a while, and now making this blanket, however I do have a question, on line you have as # 3 I have counted 98 stitches . though it should be 100, I have done this 4 or 5 times and still come up with the same thing, also you said each row should start & end with a hdc, but (still on line # 3) if I continue the stitches to make it 100 stitches, then row 1 (numbered # 3) will end with a dc stitch..

    Also, after the starting chain, when you start the next row, it has “1hdc in 1st sp” do you not chain up then turn? and then at the end of each row, to aid in starting the next row?


    • 42

      Lorene says

      I’m sorry I’m not sure how to respond here… I’ve done this blanket 4 times now and I always end up with 100sts on every row. I also recounted the pattern (adding up all the #’s) and I also come up with 100sts. I’m going to spell them all out just to make sure we are both clear and maybe clear up the confusion
      1 hdc
      2-19 dc
      20 hdc
      21-39 sc
      40 hdc
      41-59 dc
      60 hdc
      61-79 sc
      81-99 dc
      100 hdc
      I hope this helps you… please let me know if you need anything else

    • 44

      Lorene says

      I’m not sure what you mean by break up the pattern by row? Do you mean to write out the pattern for every line (thus repeating the same rows over and over again?) Not really since the blanket is made to whatever length you choose and will change depending on how wide (if you decided to add another 100 sts) you make the blanket.

  11. 45


    Here is what I did (1 hdc, 18 dc, 20 hdc, 19 sc, 40 hdc, ) that came to 98, so I took it out and did it again, and again.. LOL….
    I dont even know how I messed this one up, but I do thank you for replying back so fast.

    • 46

      Lorene says

      No problem, glad it worked out for you! The wording can be a little tricky on the first part (since the first and last stitch of the 20, 10 or 25 are always in hdc)

  12. 47

    Kelli says

    I absolutely love this pattern! I started it last night and I am on row 12. The instructions say “using the same color repeat this pattern in next row”….by doing that I am getting a straight line insead of waves. Should I start by doing a hdc in 1st sp, and then 1 sc in each of the next 8 sp, 1 hdc in10th sp, 1 dc in each of next 9 sp?

    • 48

      Lorene says

      each block of two colors makes one straight line/ it looks more pronounced in certain rows.. So the top of each black (color A) row will look straight.. you will get your next wave on the next set of white (color B) rows. So to answer the question, no you will not “start by doing a hdc in 1st sp, and then 1 sc in each of the next 8 sp, 1 hdc in10th sp, 1 dc in each of next 9 sp” just repeat the directions in row 11! You will see what I mean when you complete row 14! If you have any other questions please let me know!

  13. 51


    I am new to the wonderful world of crochet and yours was the first blanket pattern I tried. My daughter is having a baby girl in May and she is loving zebras, black, white, hot pink and Minnie Mouse. I added a Minnie applique instead of the flower and it came out so cute! I know she will love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. Can’t wait to try some other projects.

  14. 53

    Ann says

    I cannot wait to start this for my daughter! I have played around with making something like this but it has never turned out right. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to lurking around your site!

    Have a beautiful day!

  15. 55

    Sandee says

    I started this pattern my piece is about 6 in wide and it just doesnt seem to look right. I love your picture but i really like how mine looks. I think i’m following the directions correctly . it just doesnt look right

    • 56

      Lorene says

      Its hard to tell what could be wrong without a detailed explanation or a picture. What seems to be the problem? You can send me a pic if you want and i can try to figure it out. cre8tion@ymail.com

      • 57

        Sandee says

        I just sent you a picture..Let me know if it helps or if i should send another..I’m off work and really wanted to work on this but i’m so disappointed in how it looks, just doesnt look like yours

        • 58

          Lorene says

          Did you do two rows of each color? it looks like only one row with white, then one with black. The pattern calls for two rows of each color. Also your tension looks a bit uneven. In order for the blanket to look super neat you should maintain equal tension throughout.

          • 59

            Lorene says

            I can see now that you did do two rows of each… this pic is very blurry on this end. My only recommendation is to really work on your tension. It doesn’t look bad, just not quite as “neat”.

          • 60

            Sandee says

            Do you think i did it too loose? Should I tighten up on my stitches? Also wonder if its the yarn I used . I used Plymouth Encore doesnt seem as bright soft looking as yours or the others I just looked at on Ravelry.

          • 61

            Lorene says

            I’m not familiar with that yarn so I’m no help there. The picture is really blurry, can you send a different one? a close up would be great too. I’m actually working on another one right now… mine is 29.5″ long and measures about 6.5 inches tall (at 19 rows 5 of black and 4 of white) Its hard to say because I’m using different yarn but I’d say you are probably crocheting a little too loose… and I’m a pretty loose crocheter. I used Simply Soft. What is the weight of the yarn you are using?

          • 62

            Sandee says

            I just measured my work and 2 patterns of rows 1 thru 14 measured 9 in and length of 101 chain measures 37 in. I used a size 5 needle . Does this sound like I crochet too loose? I”m self taught so I’m not always sure i’m doing it correctly.

  16. 64

    Sandee says

    Its worsted weight 75% acrylic 25% wool 100 grams approx 200 yards says with H/8 hook 12 sc = 4 in.

    Is the simply soft Caron?

  17. 66

    Sandee says

    In the Caron simple soft which pink did you use? I looked at colors online and most pinks were on pale side nothing looked shocking pink. Did you use watermelon?

  18. 68


    If I use two hundred stitches instead of one hundred is it too big for a baby blanket I wanted to make the blanket big enough for her to grow with

  19. 69


    If I made it two hundred stitches instead of 100 will that be too long for a baby blanket I wanted to make it long enough so that the baby can use it for a long time

  20. 71

    nancy says

    Hi love the pattern, I am making it for with my grandaughter. I have a question when you
    do the hdc in 1st stitch and 8 dc and 10sp hdc ending in sc then on the 2nd row of black you
    start with hdc dc ending in sc this row is not wavy is this correct because the white row of 10
    starts sc ending with dc next row of white starts with dc ending with sc(hdc at start and finish and between )…all other rows are same, just this row is different is this correct or a typo.

    • 72

      Lorene says

      I’m sorry, it could be because I’m tired but this question isn’t making any sense to me. Every set of two colors (white and black) together will end on a straight line. You won’t get the next “wave” until you complete the next two black rows… it will wave until you finish the next two white rows, then it will look straight again? What row are you questioning? Each section of black and white will be opposites of each other (eg. black would start with 1hdc then (insert #)single crochets then 1hdc then (insert #) double crochets, etc… and the white row would start 1hdc then (insert #) double crochets, 1hdc and then (insert #) single crochets.
      Hope that makes sense

    • 74

      Lorene says

      it would be awfully long… what part are you having trouble with. Video’s have kinda taken a back seat since my toddler has decided she no longer needs naps… that was my only time to make video’s. I am a bit backed up.. but if you tell me where you are having an issue I can probably help you through it.

  21. 75

    Leslie says

    Can you clarify something for me? The pattern says to start the 17th row back on line 3. Line 3 is using color A (black), and I’m starting row 17 with white. Is that correct?

    • 76

      Lorene says

      I don’t know if I’m not reading something right (haven’t finished my coffee yet, been a crazy morning, lol) so I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but to completely clarify color changes… each “block” of color or stripe is made from two rows of each color… 2 black, 2 white the entire pattern (except the first section is really 3 rows of black) then it goes white, white, black, black, white, white, black, black, until the end!

  22. 77

    Jennifer says

    I made this blanket for my niece. Everyone at the baby shower had a fit over it! Thanks for sharing!

    • 80

      Lorene says

      to make adult size chain 201 or even 301… the follow the pattern (repeating each step 1 more time (for 201 stitches) or 2 more times for 301 stitches. Continue pattern until desired height is reached.

      • 81

        debbie wilbur says

        (to make adult size chain 201 or even 301… the follow the pattern (repeating each step 1 more time (for 201 stitches) or 2 more times for 301 stitches. Continue pattern until desired height is reached.)

        So you would start with sc and end with sc, (for 101) now to start the repeat for (201) do you just go onto dc OR start over with the sc. and have 2 sc in a row.. I hope I put the right…..


        • 82

          debbie wilbur says

          OMG I just reread your reply that I pasted on here and I think I got my answer… lol
          So where you would sc18, I would now sc 36, and so on??


          • 83

            Lorene says

            yes you could just start your counting over again after 100 and repeat. Its the same method over and over… a certain number of sc and the same number of dc with a hdc in between and ending in hdc…
            so if its in multiples of 10 it would be 9sc, ,1hdc, 9dc, 1hdc… etc etc. If you are doing the multiples of 20 it would be 19sc, 1hdc, 19dc, 1hdc, etc etc (of course the first stitch in the new row is always an hdc so take that into account)

          • 84

            Debbie says

            Thank you , It’s working great.. I made one the normal size and love it . can’t wait to see this one

  23. 86

    Char says

    I was wondering so to make the baby blanket that you did you only chained 101 across then row 2 is hdc across those 101 that you made the chain at the beginning?

    Also, will the 4 1/4 skeins make this baby blanket completely?

    Also did you make this blanket in only 16 rows????? Thank you for your help, I am new to this.


    • 87

      Lorene says

      yes, chain 101 then hdc back across (start in 2nd chain from hook) for 100hdc. I made it with 1.5 skeins of black and 1.5 skeins of white (7oz skeins) and just a little bit of the pink. No my blanket was more than 16 rows. just make it as long as you want it… just continue the pattern until it is your desired height. If you have any problems let me know. It may be a little confusing at first, but once you understand the pattern you can do it in your sleep.

  24. 88

    Joan says

    Just finished the blanket and a hat, I am making it for my daughter to give as a gift. She found a different hat with ears, but I still made the adorable flower. Love your pattern, love the flower it turned out super cute Joan

    • 89

      Lorene says

      Thank you. I also have made the zebra hat with ears. Super simple to make them and add them on. You would basically make a leaf. You can follow use my leaves 101 pattern (small or large fat bottom leaf would probably work best). I appreciate the compliments. Have a great day!

  25. 90


    Beautiful pattern Lorene. I just want to verify I understand row #14. The instructions on all previous rows alternate sc and dc stitches with a hdc between as a step up or down for the stitch changes. On row 14, however, stitches #21-29 are dc #30 hdc #31-39 are dc. Also same repeat with stitches #61-69 sc #70 hdc #71-79 sc. If this is correct, what is the purpose of the hdc at stitch #30 and #70? Making this for an upcoming baby shower and I know they will all go crazy over it. Thanks for your help and free pattern.

  26. 94

    tapper_girl says

    Love this pattern – A question about row 11 and row 12: Row 11 ends with 9 sc and 1 hdc. For Row 12, it says “using same color repeat this pattern in next row”. So if I start Row 12 with the 8 dc etc. it ends with 9 sc and 1 hdc (Just like Row 11). This means I am putting the exact same stitches on top of each other for Row 11 and Row 12, which makes the black strip straight, not wavy. Is this correct? I think someone tried to ask this previously but I am not sure if the answer was clear. Thanks for your input!

    • 95

      Lorene says

      yes, each block of two colors (2rows black and 2rows white) will make one uniform rectangle (straight edges) It is only when you do the next color (2rows of white) that you will see the next wave. Each block of black (and white) is two of the same stitch stacked on top of each other. The next 2 rows (of either black or white) will be the exact opposite. Hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  27. 96

    Julie says

    I am having trouble finishing off and making the blanket even maybe I’m not understanding the directions. I ended with the last row of white and then read he directions and did one more color row ( two rows) of the black following # 3 I te directions. Srry if my comment is confusing. I just can’t get the blanket even at the and

  28. 102

    Raechel says

    Absolutely love this! I’m making one for my daughter to match her comforter set. It’s coming out great

  29. 104

    Tracie says

    I don’t normally comment on blog posts but I wanted to thank you for posting this pattern. I was looking for something zebra to crochet for my 10 year old niece for a Christmas present when I stumbled across your pattern. I didn’t exactly want to make her a blanket due to cost and time so I decided to use this pattern and make her a rug. I just ended up using a J hook and crocheting with 2 strands instead of one. I then crocheted up two butterflies and a flower to add to the corner of the rug. It turned out adorable and I will surely receive some Aunt brownie points for the rug. Thanks again for posting such an easy pattern and hope I could give an extra idea for some people to use this pattern for.

  30. 106

    kristine says

    This may seem like a silly question, but I just want to make sure that I am doing it right. by hdc in first space and dc in next 18sp, do you mean the space under the actual stitch from the first row?

    • 107

      Lorene says

      I’m sorry I’m not quite understanding what you are asking. The 1st st in the 2nd row (which will be the last stitch from the 1st row) will be an hdc, then you will stitch 1dc in each of the next 18 stitches, then 1dc in the next (20th) st. I hope this clears it up but please let me know if you have any further questions.

  31. 108

    Michal says

    I’m a little confused in the pattern because i don’t see where you go from hdc in 100 and then straight to hdc in the first sp.. Do you chain and turn your work at all? I’ve only been crocheting for 2 years and i’m self taught so I’m still learning to really understand patterns.

    • 109

      Lorene says

      There is no turning chain. So your first hdc in the second (and each subsequent rows) will go into the very first st in the row (this is the last stitch on the 1st (and every previous row). In most patterns you would chain before you turn and then crochet into the 2nd st… but this is not the case here. If you still need any help please let me know.

  32. 110

    Joanne says

    I am going to make this for my bosses daughter, who loves Zebra’s and is going to be having a baby this fall. Just wondering if I am suppose to chain one and turn or just end the last stitch and do the hdc without the extra chain.

    • 111

      Lorene says

      There are no chains in the pattern, so yes you just end the last stitch and do the had without the extra chain… the 1st stitch of the second (and every subsequent row) will be placed in the first stitch of the row (which is also the last stitch of the first, and every previous row) Hope that makes sense, please let me know if you have any other questions.

      • 112

        Joanne says

        thank you for the reply. I will try and post a picture when I am done. Will be doing a hat to go with the blanket. Thanks for sharing

        • 113

          Lorene says

          I have a hat pattern as well… its newborn but can easily be made larger. I just never got around to writing out the pattern for larger sizes.

    • 115

      Lorene says

      It is on the (INCREDIBLY LONG) list of patterns I will be designing. Hopefully I can get to it soon!

  33. 116

    Barbara says

    I have just finished the zebra blanket and done the first border round in black. I have been trying to do the pink part of the border, and I am just misunderstanding how to do it….every time I have tried to redo it, the border looks like double crochet clusters kinda like having three double crochets in one space…it looks nothing like yours. Do you have a video of how to do the border?

    • 117

      Lorene says

      I don’t, sorry. I re wrote it with a little more detail. I hope that helps! I may be able to do a video tutorial on it soon.

  34. 118

    Elaine says

    Love this! I made one for my new Granddaughter. Now I am working on a second one for a friend. Everyone loved it . Thank you so much for the pattern .

  35. 120

    Bertha says

    Love the pattern! I’m making mine using Red Heart 4ply yarn and love the pattern. My question is there any way to make matching pillows for it because it is going to be big enough to go on a twin size bed. And think it would be cute to have pillows to match it.

    • 121

      Lorene says

      Yes you can. Make your first chain the desired width for the pillow. Then break that down into 2-3 multiples. Ex. If your starting chain is 30 then you can follow the same method as the blanket it increments/sections of 5, 10, 15. If your starting chain is 40 you can do sections of 5, 10 and 20. Hope that makes sense. Don’t forget to add 1 to your starting chain (31 or 41 for the examples I used)

      In fact, I think I am going to make one myself.. and then I’ll say you inspired me in the pattern!

      • 122

        Bertha says

        Thank you I’m going to try it when I’m done with the blanket may have to ask you more questions about it. I’m glad I inspired you to make one, I think it would go good with the blanket.

  36. 123


    My blanket turned out absolutely beautiful. I did do the border in a different pattern. Was making for a baby shower when my DIL got pregnant with a baby girl. So I also made a hat to match and was saving for her. But she was still born at 22 weeks:-(. It has been devastating to say the least. They wrapped her tiny body up in the blanket and it stayed with her. Although I never got to hold her…I wrapped my love around her in the beautiful zebra blanket. I would like to make some for other moms of still borns to donate and was wondering if you have a written version of a smaller (premie size) pattern? Sending pic of finished blanket now. Thanks so much. This blanket was way more special than I ever thought it would be:-(

    • 124

      Lorene says

      Oh I am SO sorry to hear of your daughters’ (and your) loss. It is so beautiful that you were able to wrap her in a blanket made with your hands and love. I too have lost babies, I know your daughters sorrow. Please give her my condolences. I do not have a smaller version written but it is very easy to modify. How wide would you like it to be? Again I am very sorry for your loss… I will happily help you make a smaller version to donate, what a beautiful gift!

  37. 127

    Marielos Garcia says

    I love it! I´ll be doing it for sure. I´d like to ask how can I use this crochet zebra print in a smaller piece (ej. a little purse) or a cell case?
    Thanks very much for your help.
    Marielos Garcia

    • 128

      Lorene says

      Thank you. You could follow the same pattern using really thin yarn or thread to get a smaller print.

  38. 129

    Maritza says

    Hi Lorene! I am about to start this for my niece (19 years old) so I will be doing it bigger with a starting chain of 201. My question is, and I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but one does turn at the end of each row right? (i’m a bit of a newbie at crochet, one year and 3 months) thanks in advance for your reply.

    • 130

      Lorene says

      with some patterns you do a chain and then turn. With this pattern you simply turn the entire piece of work (holding the hook) and then place one hdc in the 1st st.

  39. 131

    Martha says

    Im a bit confused. At the beginning and end of each row there is a hdc. After I make the hdc, do I then turn to start the next row ?

    • 132

      Lorene says

      this pattern does not have any turning chains (they are not necessary with hdc). What you do is complete each row, then turn and then simply begin working the row with 1hdc in the very first st. Hope this helps, let me know if you need any further clarification.

  40. 133

    Amanda says

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting such an adorable pattern! Not only do you give it up for free, you’re willing to walk people through it! I’m making this right now for my cousin’s newest girl. Thanks so much!

  41. 135

    Zully says

    I love the pattern!! :) I’m making my first blanket using this pattern so will see how it turns out lol Thanx for sharing it 😀

  42. 140

    Autumn says

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I am somewhat new to crochet, having taught myself with a few excellently illustrated books in the past six months. I stumbled upon your pattern and have decided to make a blanket for a friend of mine who is expecting a daughter in December. Just wanted to tell you that I have found this pattern to be one of the easiest for me to follow and is so far coming along nicely!

    • 141

      Lorene says

      Thank you so much for letting me know. I’m really glad you like the pattern and are finding it easy. Easy is definitely my #1 goal. A pattern can be beautiful but if it is difficult or hard to follow than it doesn’t do anyone any good. I’d love to see it when it is finished!

      • 142

        Autumn says

        I finished it! I was quite intimidated by the border when I started but it turned out to be so simple! It looks like a modified double crochet treble stitch. I did add two flowers to the front of mine though because I made the blanket a bit larger than your original, I think. If you’d like to see the finished project I’d be happy to share just let me know where! Thanks again so much for the pattern!!

  43. 144

    Christina says

    Hey I just started this blanket today. And I just want to make sure this is makin up correctly. I just finished row 4 and I have no wave. Just a straight line. Is this correct? I end row 3 with sc and a hdc. So I started row 4 with hdc and dc. So that would have the rows cancelling the rows out, right? I’m I over thinking this :(

  44. 149

    Susan Golat says


    I just started on this blanket and have some questions. I have worked through the first 14 rows of the pattern and am starting back over with instructions for row 3-4 (black). The top edge of the blanket is not straight. This doesn’t seem to be right. When you finish, the top edge would not be even. Don’t know what I am doing wrong.

    Also, when I turn and start with a hdc the yarn is in front of my work. Is this right?

    The edge of the blanket where you change color is not coming out very neat. Would you have any help. I am not as familiar with crochet as knitting, but my daughter would love the zebra pattern so I would love to make it for her. I have already made the newborn zebra hat and that turned out.

    • 150

      Lorene says

      If you could email me pics I can take a look and see what the issue is. Your blanket will look straight here and there, it is the combination of the lines that give it the wavy affect. At the top of every two rows of color (so after you’ve done both black or both white) it will look straight). This is one of my most popular patterns and has been completed successfully many times, I’m sure we can figure out what the issue is and get you moving in the right track.

      • 151

        Brie says

        Lorene, I’m having the same problem that Susan reported above in her first paragraph… After completing all 14 rows, the white edge is very wavy and the black section before it (from rows 11-12) appears to be just a straight line. I emailed you a picture of it this morning. Did you get it?

        • 152

          Lorene says

          yes, as stated in the notes section this is what is supposed to happen. Every two blocks of color will make the blanket appear straight. The waves are simply an illusion in an otherwise straight blanket.

  45. 153

    Kristine says

    I have been looking for a zebra pattern for my granddaughter. Her room is zebra print & neon green. Thank you so much for posting this pattern! I appreciate it.

  46. 154

    Kristine says

    Thank you for posting this pattern. I have been looking for a zebra pattern for my granddaughter. Her room is done in zebra print and neon green. Can’t wait to get started on this project thank you.

  47. 156

    Dana says

    I chained 201 stitches for my blanket and when I get to the end of 100 on the rows do I HDC on number 100 and then HCD on 101 or continue with the pattern over and over and only put the HDC at the first stitch and last stitch and in between changes?

  48. 160

    Amy H says

    Hi. I was looking something for my tween niece who has completely redone her room in b&w zebra print, and want to try this. My problem is I cannot download the PDF to or email it from my android tablet. Could you email the pattern to me? Thanks. Amy

  49. 163

    Bev Curd says

    I hope you can help me Lorene. I thought I ordered the right yarn, but when I started this I noticed my skeins say “Caron Simply Soft Light.” Is this going to make a difference? It says the net weight is 3 oz / 85 g. I should know this but….

  50. 165

    April Royal says

    Love this! I am fairly new at crochet and hope I can make this blanket. My little girl just asked me the other day if I could make her a Zebra striped blanket!! This is going to make a great Christmas present for her.

    • 166

      Lorene says

      Awesome, it is actually quite simple, at least once you get the hang of it. If you have any problems please let me know.

  51. 167

    Elsie says

    Hello I love this and my daughter would love it more!!!! She is having a baby girl and am thinking about making it for the baby?? how long do you think it would take? My granddaughter is due in January…can you send me the link to my email I cant seem to retrieve it… thank you

  52. 168

    Elsie says

    I love this blanket and my daughter would love it even more…. my daughter is expecting a baby girl and I am planning on making it for her baby how long would it take? I am a beginner so is it hard to make? can you send me the pattern to my email and more pics?? thank you

    • 169

      Lorene says

      You can actually email it to yourself with the print friendly button at the bottom of the post… those are the only pictures I have of it… though there are pictures of one’s other people have done on my fb and ravely acct (both are linked in the top right hand corner of blog). I can’t say how long it will take you to make it since everyone crochets at a different speed.

  53. 170

    Michele says

    This question has been asked twice already and I’m just not understanding. So sorry, I’m not usually dense! Row 11 is black and ends with 9 sc then hdc. Row 12 is black and begins with hdc then 8 dc. Because the dc in row 12 are on top of the sc in row 11, and the sc are on top of the dc, it’s making a perfectly straight strip of black. Looking at your pictures, I don’t see a perfectly straight black strip anywhere in the afghan. I’ve completed rows 13 and 14 and even with the wavy white strip, the straight black strip just doesn’t look right to me. I think I’m going to rip out the last three rows and try starting row 12 with hdc then 8 sc.

    • 171

      Lorene says

      every four rows will make a completely straight edge (since the white and black are the opposites of each other)… when it is all finished it looks completely wavy. The two black rows will be the same (sc on top of sc and dc on top of dc) and the white rows will be the opposite… sc on top of dc and dc on top of sc) It works out, I promise!

      This is even written in the pattern
      “At some point this pattern will look like its not “wavy” any longer, don’t worry it will all turn out. Each “block” of stripes (2 rows of black and 2 rows of white) will make a rectangle, with straight lines on each side. When you do the next two rows (of white) you will begin to see the next “wave”. When the blanket is finished you will not be able to see the straight lines.”

  54. 172

    Mary Lynn says

    I made the blanket and it came out exactly how you pictured it. The instructions were very clear and I am very happy with the results. I also made the hat but I didn’t understand the flower instuctions so I went on You Tube. Here is the result (unfortunately, I have already given the blanket away before I was able to take a picture):


  55. 174

    Barbara says

    Love this pattern but would like to know if you have instructions for the Zebra Hat in 18 -24 months. Thank you.

    • 175

      Lorene says

      As of right now I don’t have it ready to post. I have made them in all sizes though. If you can figure out the increasing method used (just adding stitches in the right places) then you can make the increase rounds to whatever dimensions you need and then just follow the same method I used to finish. I hope to be posting the larger size patterns soon.

  56. 176

    Sparky Kitty says

    on row 6 of the pattern it states with same color repeat this pattern in the next row. Are you doing row 7 as row 6. I was not sure and wanted to be sure before I started. I was also wondering if you made it bigger do you just repeat the entire row from first hdc to last hdc on row for each repeat. It would have to hdc right in the middle if you doubled the foundation row it seems. I really love the way your pattern works up from the picture and would love to make one. All the other zebra patterns are just stitched over a simple dc blanket it seems and are not so nice. thanks for your time,

    • 177

      Lorene says

      Row 6 is a repeat of row 5. Row 7 is a completely new row with the next color. If your are making it bigger you just follow along the same pattern, (so many scs with a hdc in between then so many dc’s) There is a hdc in between every section of sc and dc and the first and last st of every row.

  57. 178

    Loyanb says

    I found that this works better with the odd chains with even say 201 = 200 that the ending row. 5 you end up with single crochet instead of double like it is supposed to…I ripped it out several times recounted etc and the same result ended with single crochet instead of the double so odd is better

    • 179

      Lorene says

      You don’t want to end up with a dc you want to end with a hdc. You want your starting chain to be in increments of 100 plus one, but if it works for you your way than great… as long as you get the product you want.

  58. 180

    Loyann says

    I love the pattern I made it using 3 colors for my 2 yr old granddaughter and I p;ut a hello kitty face plus her name on it would like to send a picture of it for you to see but I do not see an area to post it.

  59. 182

    Christiana Mercier says


    If I cannot find the Caron yarn, what type of yarn is it so I get something similar…as is what weight and how many oz for a skein? Sorry for such a newbie question but …in reading over these comments and your prompt and helpful answers…I don’t feel foolish for asking.


    • 183

      Lorene says

      You can actually use any yarn for this project, it may just be larger or smaller (depending on what type of yarn you use). Any worsted weight yarn will work, as long as all the colors are the same brand.

      • 184

        Christiana Mercier says

        Thank you so much! I was able to find the Simply Soft Caron yarn so no worries there. I started the blanket tonight and have 8 rows done. Quick question… The pattern above is the updated version, right? I read through the comments before and there was an issue at row 14 I believe. Since I printed this out… I wanted to fix my copy if I needed to.
        Thank again for sharing and for all your responses and quick help!!! Enjoy your day!!!

        • 185

          Lorene says

          As far as I know this is all up to date and correct, I have not made any changes… though I am going to be a change… I’ll tell you know. I started making another one and I did a ch2 at the end of every round, before turning, but did not change the stitch count or anything else. I still put the first hdc in the very first st… this just makes it easier to carry the non working yarn up the side. It doesn’t affect anything else with the pattern, you basically pretend it isn’t there.

  60. 188

    Ivy says

    I am trying to make this blanket with 301 stitches. Do I repeat the pattern exactly after the first 100 stitches? So for the 3 row I would have 2 spots where there are 2 sections of dc beside each other and I would end the row with sc’s and then a hdc? I hope this question makes sencse, lol.

    • 189

      Lorene says

      yes just repeat the pattern over again, so when you get to the end of a row, start the directions again (minus the first hdc since you ended on an hdc) good luck!

      • 190

        Kirsten says

        That doesn’t make sense to me. This means that there would be a double large wave in the middle of the blanket and it wouldn’t match the rest of the blanket. I’m trying to figure this out for 201 stitches. If I start with dc, the row would end in sc. That means that for the next row, I would make everything opposite from the instructions. Does that make sense? I’m trying to rewrite it and figure this out so that the blanket is completely uniform without a large double wave in the middle. So for row 3 I would start out with doc, end in sc and for row 4 I would start in sc and end in dc. Is that correct? And then for row 5 I would make everything there opposite and so on and so forth? Thanks for the help.


        • 191

          Lorene says

          the row will never end in sc, it will always end in a hdc. Yes, certain rows you will do the opposite, depending on how it ends… some rows start with dc and end with sc waves… some start and end with the same one. For those you just do the opposite of what you did for the first section (sc when it says dc and dc when it says sc).

          • 192

            Kirsten says

            Is there any way to draw a diagram if you can’t do a video for the border? I can’t get mine to look like yours and I think that it would really helps others too. Idk what sp I need to go into, etc. Thanks.


          • 193

            Lorene says

            where are you having a hard time knowing what space to work into, for the first border (sc) of for the special border st?

          • 194

            Kirsten says

            The special border st. Mine just looks like a huge thick dc. I’ve also tried a different approach, but it just doesn’t look right.


  61. 195

    Kaya says

    Hi! Just wanted to say thank you so much for offering this amazing pattern for free! I am pretty new to crochet but actually understood this pattern and was able to do it! I’m so happy! I have now finished the body of the blanket and now i’m working on the border and i had a question! In step 3 of the border, it says “In every next space crochet as follows”. Does that mean that I would do this in every other stitch? or do i do this in every single stitch? sorry if this is a dumb question and thank you in advance!!

  62. 197

    Rebecca Piontes says

    I’m working row 11 and then told have to repeat. I’m confused after the half dc do I start with the 9 dc or the 9 dc. Early in pattern it says you repeat the rows. I’m just learning so Im not quite with it.

    I luv this blanket and want to do it right,

    Thank you

    • 199

      Lorene says

      You have to do exactly what it says… the first 10sts will go like this.
      1) hdc
      2) dc
      3) dc
      4) dc
      5) dc
      6) dc
      7) dc
      8) dc
      9) dc
      10) hdc

      Every row will start AND end with an hdc and there will be an hdc in between every change from sc to dc (and vice versa). The reason you do 1dc in each of the next 8sts and not each of the next 9sts is because the first st of the row is always an hdc.

  63. 200

    Heather A. says

    Hi, I am confused on where it says to dc 18 then hdc in the 20th? Am i skipping the 19th space? or doing a hdc in the 19 & the 20th????


    • 201

      Lorene says

      No, ok do this… break the section down into 20sts. The first st is hdc… so that leaves you with 19 more sts. The next 18 of them are dc. Now you have one out of 20 left (1hdc and 18dc = 19sts total) so the hdc that goes into the next st is actually going into the 20th st. Hope that makes sense

  64. 206

    Jeanne Kenney says

    I am just a beginner to crochet and I am going to try this for my first blanket for our first Grandbaby. I read all the notes above but before I rip out all I have done. Can you answer one question. I don’t see any where in your direction about a turn chain? Is this correct you don’t chain to turn to next row, You just turn your needle and hdc in the first stitch of next row? Thanks

    • 207

      Lorene says

      There are notes about this in the “notes” section of the pattern. But you do not need a turning chain because of the way it works up (with dc and sc it all evens out nicely) BUT if you prefer to do a turning chain you can Ch2 and turn at the end of each row, just DO NOT count it in your stitch count, your first st will do right into the first st on the row. Good luck.

  65. 208

    Serendipity says

    This was the first blanket that I tried doing and it was so easy to follow! Also the finishing touch looks awesome! Love this pattern :):)

  66. 210

    Shirley says

    to make a preemie size as you suggested in one of your posts I ch 61 and got through R5 & R6 by stopping with the hdc in the 60th st but got lost on R7. How would I finish the rest of the blanket and how rows would I need?

    • 211

      Lorene says

      I would need a little more information to help you, where are you stuck, what issues are you having?

  67. 212

    Shirley says

    I think (hope!) I figured it out. For the start I chained 61 and followed the pattern for the first 6 rows stopping with the HDC in the 60th st. Row 7 : HDC in first stitch 1 DC in next 13, 1 hdc in 15th st, 14 sc, hdc in 30th st, 14 dc, hdc in 45th st, 14 sc, hdc in 60th st. Row 8:hdc in first st, sc in next 13 st, hdc in 15th st, dc innext 14, hdc in 30th st, sc in next 14, hdc in45th st,dc in next 14, hdc in 60th st. Row 9 is white and follows row 8. Row 10 is white and follows row 7. Then rows 11, 12, 13 and 14 use your pattern stopping at stitch 60 and then I continue by repeating from row 3. Does this make sense? Shirley

  68. 214

    Angie says

    Love the pattern! I just started one myself and have a question. I’ve noticed that my original chain in the beginning no longer looks straight. I’m concerned this will be an issue when I’m towards the end and finishing up the blanket with the border, etc. Is it supposed to look “crooked” at the beginning? I just want to make sure the blanket will look rectangular and not weird and crooked at the end.

  69. 216

    Andrea says

    Hello I’ve read the comments and just kinda want to make sure I understand…if I double the pattern can I just repeat it twice in the same row? OR do I have to modify the pattern?

    • 217

      Lorene says

      You just double it EXCEPT you only do one hdc in between the repeat (each row ends and begins with an hdc, and there is an hdc in between height changes (dc to sc)… so when you start the repeat for the longer length just do ONE hdc in between… ignore the extra.

  70. 218

    Dianne says

    Thank you so much. I made each of my granddaughters (8 & 9) one for Christmas for their dolls. They love it and your pattern was a dream to use. Thank you again.

  71. 220

    Kyria says

    I’m about one third of the way thru. And I notice that every section of white start with single crochet. So on one end of the blanket every white strip is sc. Is this on purpose or is there an error In the pattern?

    • 221

      Lorene says

      since some rows have more sections than others it was the only way it would work out… feel free to change it up!

  72. 222

    Jane says

    I know that you stated I could make this blanket as big as I wanted as long as you do it by 100, 200, 300. But now my question is on row 3 *hdc in st sp, 1 dc in the next 18 and so on…. do I repeat this stiches 2 times to add up to 200 stiches or do I double it, instead of 18 do I do 36? Also my second question is on the pattern row 1 is chain, row 2 hdc across, row 3 hdc, 1 dc etc. then when you change colors I am to repeat rows 3 and 4 which row 4 is changing colors….Please help me! I am going to try this blanket in the worse way. Hope to hear from you soon..Jane

    • 223

      Lorene says

      You just repeat the row two times… so do exactly what the pattern says and then repeat it from the beginning of the row. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you don’t put two hdc in a row. (each row starts and ends with hdc, and there is a hdc between each change of sc to dc and vice versa, so you do not need to repeat the hdc when you start at the beginning of the row. To simplify further. For each color the stitches are stacked on top of each other (dc on top of dc, hdc on top of hdc, sc on top of sc), when you switch colors it is the opposite (sc on top of dc, dc on top of sc, your hdc will remain on top of hdcs)

      ALL of the color changes are listed (the first color change is on Row 5.

  73. 224

    Fay says

    Love the blanket! In terms of how much yarn you used, do you know the amount in grams? I’ve found the yarn I want to use, but if I make it the same size as you have, will I need 100g or 200g for the two main colours I will be using?


    • 225

      Lorene says

      Grams will change depending on the weight of the yarn you use. What weight yarn will you be using? But you will need more than 100grams each… safer to go with 200grams each.

  74. 226

    Susan Calhoun says

    If I want to make this afghan wider, how would I increase the stitch count without messing up the pattern?

    • 227

      Lorene says

      You’d need to add 100sts (or 200sts or 300sts) to the beginning chain, and then just repeat each line 1, 2 or 3 times, depending on how much longer you made it. When your repeat the line just omit the first hdc on each subsequent repeat.

  75. 228

    janice says

    this is a very beautiful blanket. i’am trying to make it as a gift have you come out with a video yet? i’m trying to follow the directions as best i can…

  76. 229

    janice says

    love the zebra baby blanket but do you have a video out that i can follow along with? iam trying to follow the directions but having a little trouble. im trying to make it for a baby shower gift.

    • 230

      Lorene says

      I do not have a video at this time, though I have added it to my list of videos to make. I may be able to help you figure it out… it seems complicate but once you understand it, it is actually quite easy. Where are you having issues?

  77. 231

    Sophia Pyles says

    If I wanted to make this to fit a twin size bed what dimensions would this be and how many skeins would I need?

    • 232

      Lorene says

      I have not made it for that size so I honestly could not tell you for sure. I personally would probably use a thicker worsted weight yarn (Red Heart with Love, perhaps). A normal twin size blanket is 59″ x 85″. I would guess that you’d need to repeat the pattern twice to get the correct width and then just keep repeating the rows until you get the proper height. I’d also guess you’d need 2-3 skeins each of both colors. I’d probably buy 6 skeins total plus one for the border. You’ll probably have some left over.

  78. 234

    Mary says

    I love this designed, but mine seems to look like it’s curving almost like a skirt.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • 235

      Lorene says

      It can be one of a few things 1) beginning chain too tight 2) adding stitches as you work 3)tension issues.

      I would start by counting your stitches and make sure you have the right amount. Next I’d restart and use a larger hook for the beginning chain, be sure to use loose tension. And make sure your tension remains consistent throughout the entire design. good luck

  79. 236

    Tanya says

    What type of stitch is the border done in? I feel like the directions would be simpler if I knew the name of the stitch and how many to do in each space/ch I need to do rather than describing how to do the stitch each time. Thanks:)

    • 237

      Lorene says

      I honestly do not know if this stitch even exists as a real stitch… I just made it up as I went along. It is a cluster st. You can probably substitute a 3dc cluster for this st.

  80. 240

    Trudy says

    Lorene, I love this pattern but I was just curious as to why u went from working 19 dc starting in row 3, then 24 in row 7, then all the way back to 9 in rows 11-14? When I finished rows 11-14, that is when my pattern started to change. The blanket didn’t have the wavy lines anymore but were straight. I’m a little confused. Thanks in advance for your help. :)

    • 241

      Lorene says

      The difference in number of stitches (19, 24, 9 which really translates into 20, 25 and 10 when you include the first st of that section) is what makes the waves different lengths… or else the waves would all stack on top of each other… if you read the notes section of the pattern (which I ALWAYS suggest) you’ll see that after each block of color (2 black stripes and 2 white stripes) that the blanket will not look wavy any more… and will only start to look wavy again after you complete 2 more black stripes. Each section creates a rectangle… over all it is a trick of the eye that the entire blanket looks wavy… It is a rectangle after at the end… if each row was wavy than it could never end straight.

  81. 242

    Linda Parsons says

    So you chained 101 sts initially and you are doing your first st of each row into the second chain? Am I understanding you correctly? If I decided to chain 2, would I make my initial chain 102 and then skip two chains for my first st of each row? Kinda confusing me. Ha! My daughter just told me my great granddaughter’s nursery is black and white and turquoise. This would look soooo cute in there.

    • 243

      Lorene says

      yes. if you decide to do a ch2 at the beginning than you will make your initial chain 102sts. Skip the first 2 and 1hdc in the next 100sts for the first row

    • 249

      Lorene says

      uk terms or us terms? It is worsted weight yarn #4 weight but you can make it in any weight, just adjust for sizing.

  82. 250

    Jackie says

    I just adore this pattern. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. One question is row 11 and 12 supposed to look like it is straight instead of a wave? I have taken mine out 2 times because I thought it was wrong. Please help me.

    • 251

      Lorene says

      PLEASE read the notes to this pattern (and every pattern you do, lol). It states that this will happen.. it will work out perfect in the end. The waves are just an illusion… the blanket really is straight.

  83. 252

    Deb says

    I really like the pattern but don’t really see the zebra design – seems more like “waves” Easy enough to whip up – edging? may try something else next time but a beautiful blanket all the same

  84. 253

    Jody says

    I love this blanket and want to thank you for the easy to follow pattern. However I have a question, I have just finished my second row of white and only seem to have 99 sts, should I take it all out and start over or figure out a way to add a stitch? It looks fine now, just not sure I want to wait until it is 1/2-3/4 done and have go take it out.

    • 254

      Lorene says

      I’d go back and count your sts… see if you can figure out where you went wrong… I doubt one sts off would make too much of a difference overall, but I’d be able to see it.. and it would make me (personally) crazy.

  85. 257


    Hi Lorene, I already made your zebra baby blanket and loved it. Now I want to use the pattern to make a lapgahan for my daughter. I would use the 200 chains, but what would the pattern be to give me the wave effect. Thanking you in advance.


    • 258

      Lorene says

      yes you will still have the same wave effect, just remember the basic rules… two rows of the same sts stacked on top of each other in one color, then two rows of the opposite sts (sc on top of dc and dc on top of sc) for the other color… all with 1hdc in between. You’ll need to start with 201 chains (one for the turning chain of the first row)

  86. 259

    Judi R says

    Thank You for sharing this great pattern!!!!! I make afghans and donate them to our local Children’s Hospital and the children get to take them home when they get better. This one is working up very nicely and I love the simplicity of the pattern. I’m using BRIGHT colors so they will be cheerful!! I think the Kids will love their new blankies.
    THANKS again,
    Judi ;~)

  87. 260

    Rebecca says

    Hi Lorene! Thank you for the wonderful pattern! I am reading the pattern on my iPhone and for some reason, there is an ad covering step 1 of the border. It’s the row right befor I switch to pink. Would you mind sending me the instructions for this row? Thanks!!

  88. 262

    Trish says

    I’m a little confused. It looks like you change colors every 2 rows. But when you start the beginning, its 4 rows before you switch to the white. Am I reading that correctly?

    • 263

      Lorene says

      I counted the chain as a separate row and the first repeat has an additional row of black. The change for white is in the correct place.

      • 266

        PJ Puskac says

        Yes…. I do the color changes and knot. I have all these knotted tails on one side. what do I do to finish them off?

        • 267

          Lorene says

          You weave them in, or when you crochet the border on you crochet them in. There are lots of videos on youtube on how to do this.

  89. 268

    Michelle says

    Love this pattern. I made this for a little girl and she hugged and snuggled with it. I had a little difficulty with the border instructions. Not your fault. I have difficulty with instructions occasionally. I ended up doing the crocodile stitch flower and crocodile stitch border and it turned out cute.


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