The Invisible Finish

I HATE when you can see where a finished piece was ended.  Almost as much as I hate seams (you can find my seamless crochet methods here).  This is my method for finishing a piece of work, especially useful in hats, so that you can not easily tell where the last stitch was completed and secured.  Hope you enjoy.


Complete the last stitch in pattern.  Do NOT join with sl st if working in the round.


Cut tail approx 6″ long and pull up on hook so that tail is free


Thread tail onto embroidery needle.  You will stitch into the second stitch after where you are.  Go under both loops of stitch.


Then stitch into the top of the last stitch you completed.  Go in between the loops.  Secure to inside of of work to finish.

010   011

This is the finished result.  You can barely see the last stitch and it is completely secure.

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Hope you can put this trick to good use… Happy Hookin’!


  1. 5

    Sue says

    Wow, I wish I had found your site sooner. The techniques you posted on your site make the crochet look so much neater. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. 7


    I crochet afghans for babies and lap robes for people in wheelchairs, and scarves. This looks like a good way to finish my work. Thank you for this tutorial.

  3. 9

    Laurie says

    Just wanted to add my personal thanks for sharing all your tips. Still pretty new to crochet so am grateful to learn your helpful techniques before bad habits are too hard to break. The many recipients of my work (friends, church members, family, charity) will have nicely finished gifts, thanks to you!

  4. 15

    Heida Velia says

    I am not seeing a video for this last one and it would be helpful also just mentioning cuz just reading is kinda confusing?

  5. 17

    Sharon says

    :) i just made my 1st baby beanie !! I still am not sure if i ” secured” the yarn to the inside correctly as it doesn’t say ” how ” to do it . I am a newbe but found your instructions ( i did it by the printed pattern ) Now i hope it will go through a washing 😉 I am making them to give away for charities or chemo babies . Thank you !

    • 18

      Lorene says

      the tail from the magic ring? You just sew it in one direction and then the other a couple times, throught he stitches in the ring. Good luck

  6. 19

    Sharon says

    I just printed out the Invisible Finish and thought you may want to know that the wood background makes it hard to see the hook but i think i can follow it . thanks

  7. 21

    Robin says

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. I too like a neat looking finish and have never liked the knot finish. Not only is this finish very neat but very easy, on the 2nd hat I used it on (both hats were your Newsboy Slouch hat, wonderful pattern), I didn’t even have to go back and look at the instructions or pictures.

      • 25

        Susan Trumblay says

        Re: Invisible FInish

        I think you meant to say: ” to thread the needle into the 2nd stitch AFTER where you are. . . ” – since that is where you actually show the needle going into a stitch in the PHOTO. You SAID to “go into 2 stitches BEFORE where you are . . .”

        Thanks for sharing tips with everyone – you are sooo nice to do so. I have been crocheting for 70 years – since age 3!!! I can crochet anything. But, I just can’t WRITE OUT a pattern (or don’t like to . . ???). It just never comes out right when I try to WRITE it. So, I REALLY appreciate it when anyone is willing to share their patterns by writing them out!

        I have a LOT of my own patterns I would LOVE to share, and just wish I could figure out a way to do i!

        Susan T. in Texas

        • 26

          Lorene says

          Thank you, I will make the correction. Just pay attention to how other patterns are written and try to mimic it for your own designs.


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