Newsboy Slouch Crochet Hat

Newsboy Slouch Crochet Hat
Adult Woman’s

This slouch hat was inspired by my Mary’s Newsboy free crochet hat pattern. I liked the overall look of the Mary’s Newsboy very much but I also wanted something a little more slouchier. This hat is a mix between a slouch and a semi slouch (your look will vary depending on how much tension you use). A very slouchy version will be coming soon, though the style may vary slightly. I’m not done playing around with this particular look yet. I really love the way the brim looks and I’ve got a ton more idea’s to use with it.

newsboy slouch free crochet pattern

Red Heart yarn or any worsted weight yarn
Hat hook used is a 9.00mm (N) hook – be sure to check gauge you may have to go up to 10.0mm (P)Brim hook used is 6.00mm (J) hook-  if you needed a larger hook to obtain gauge in hat you will want to use a 6.5mm (K) hook
embroidery needle to weave in ends

Special Stitches

mc/r– magic circle/ring (watch my video tutorial here)

fpdc– front post double crochet
same as double crochet except instead of crocheting in the normal space you insert hook under post in previous round (from front to back)

Increase– two of the designated stitch per space

dc2tog– double crochet two together
yarn over, insert hook into 1st st, yarn over and pull through st, (three loops on hook), insert hook in next st, yarn over, pull through, (four loops on hook), yarn over, pull through first two loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through last two loops on hook



  • Click on any picture to make it larger.
  • Be sure to use loose tension when making this hat. Please be sure to check your gauge. The hook used is a 9.00mm (N) hook so you only have one more hook size to go up to 10.0mm (P).
  • Brim is optional but will require two strands of same color. You can either work from both ends of a skein or you can use two skeins. OR you can wind a ball to set aside before you begin (I wound the yarn around three of my fingers (closed) 50x to be safe)
  • The brim is completed with a 6.00mm (J) hook but you may find you need to use a 6.5mm (K) if you crochet tight. But since it is a slouch hat the fit is looser and more forgiving over all.
  • The overall look of this hat is a slight slouch or semi slouch. A very slouchy version will be posted next.

1st 2 rounds= 3”
Diameter of fitted band= 20”
Height (w/o brim) 8.5”

newsboy slouch free pattern back

Please read all notes before following pattern.

1.  Mc/r (watch my video tutorial) with 12 dc, join round with sl st

2.  Loosely ch2 (will count as 1st dc). 1fpdc in post of next st. *1dc in next st. 1fpdc in post of same st. Repeat from * around. sl st into top of ch 2 to join round (be sure you are stitching into the top of the ch2 and not the 1st dc). Here is where you will be kicking yourself if you didn’t chain loosely. You may need to use a smaller hook just to complete the sl st and then change back to your 9.00mm hook. This round should measure 3” when completed. If it does not you will need to pull out to beginning of round and repeat with a 10.0mm hook. Round will contain 12 sets of 1fpdc and 1dc. <24>

round 2 completed

3.  Loosely ch2 (will count as 1st dc). 1dc in next st. 1fpdc in post of same st. *1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1fpdc in post of same st. Repeat from * around. sl st into top of ch2 to join round. Round will contain 12 sets of 1fpdc and 2dc. <36>

round 3 completed

4.  Loosely ch2 (will count as 1st dc). 1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1fpdc in post of same st. *1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1fpdc in post of same st. Repeat from * around. sl st into top of ch 2 to join round. Round will contain 12 sets of 1fpdc and 3dc. <48>

5.  Loosely ch2 (will count as 1st dc). 1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1fpdc in post of same st. *1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1dc in next st. 1fpdc in post of same st. Repeat from * around. sl st into top of ch2 to join round. Round will contain 12 sets of 1fpdc and 4dc. <60>

6.  Sl st into next st. sl st into the space after the next post (you will be in the center of the 4dc cluster between fpdc’s with 2dcs on each side from the previous round). Loosely ch2 and 3dc in same sp. skip two posts and 1fpdc (in previous fpdc). *Skip two posts and 4dc in sp between posts. Skip two posts and 1fpdc. Repeat from * around. sl st into top of ch2 to join round. Round will contain 12sets of 1fpdc and one 4dc cluster/shell). <60>

round 6 details   f   round 6 completed

Rounds 7-12. Repeat the previous round 6 more times for a total of 7 rounds of 12 sets of 1fpdc and one 4dc cluster/shell. <60>

Round 13. Change to a 6.0mm hook (if you needed to change to a 10.0mm hook to obtain gauge than you will need to use a 6.5mm hook). *1sc in each of the next 3sts. sc2tog (you will be decreasing the st before and the st after the fpdc together). Repeat from * around. (you are not doing a beginning chain to start round, you will start with a sc and then continue to sc around, sl st into the 1st sc to join the round). <48>- BE SURE TO USE LIGHT TENSION or your band will be too tight.

Round 14-16. 1sc in every st around. sl st into 1st sc to join round. Do not sl st to join the last round, either move on to the option brim or follow my instructions for the invisible finish to end hat.

Optional Brim

  1. Sl st into first sc and pick up second strand of yarn
  2. Crochet across as follows:
    1sc in each of the next 8sts
  3. 1hdc in each of the next 6sts
  4. 1sc in each of the next 8sts
  5. 1sl st
  6. Turn and crochet across as follows:
    1sl st in first st
  7. 1sc in next st
  8. 1sc in next st
  9. 2sc in next st
  10. 1hdc in next st
  11. 2hdc in next st
  12. 1dc in next st
  13. 1dc in next st
  14. 2dc in next st
  15. 1dc in next st
  16. 2dc in next st
  17. 1dc in next st
  18. 1dc in next st
  19. 2dc in next st
  20. 1dc in next st
  21. 2dc in next st
  22. 1dc in next st
  23. 1dc in next st
  24. 2hdc in next st
  25. 1hdc in next st
  26. 2sc in next st
  27. 1sc in next st
  28. 1sc in next st
  29. 1sl st in next st to end
  30. Fasten off and weave in ends.

 Newsboy Slouch Without Optional Brimwomens slouch hat with optional brim free pattern

I hope you enjoyed crocheting this Newsboy Slouch Crochet Hat.  If you have any questions please leave me a comment or email me at  If you like what you see, please share it!!!

Inspired by the Mary’s Newsboy

Free Crochet Newsboy Hat Pattern

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Have fun and as always….

Happy Hookin’


  1. 1

    Con says

    Congratulations on a great pattern! I’ll share some pics when I’m done. Also well done with cleanprint!!! Have never seen it before but love it already!!!

  2. 5

    Gigi says

    Love the look, are you using 1 strand for the hat with the large hook? I see the brim is dbl using small hook. Thanks for your great patterns.

    • 6

      Lorene says

      Your welcome. Yes I am using one strand for the hat (larger hook) and two for the brim (smaller hook)!

  3. 9

    Gigi says

    Hello again, I guess you are very busy, am I asking questions in right place? I apologize if I’m wrong. Thanks

    • 12

      Lorene says

      Great. I’d love to know how it works out for you! I also love to share my fan photos on my fb page… if you’d like you can email them to me at and I’d love to share them.

  4. 13


    Just made this, this morning and I love it! I have a friend who’s sister just had brain surgery and they were looking for a hat for her to wear until she heals. I believe this fits the bill!
    Thank you for sharing this awesome easy pattern!

    • 14

      Lorene says

      Yeah! glad you liked it. I hope your friends sister heals soon. I’ll keep her in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. 15

    Ashley says

    Just made one this morning…..I have never made a slouchy hat before and I thouhgt this one looked huge while making it but it actually turned out just right 😉 Thanks for the free pattern!

    • 16

      Lorene says

      Awesome. I’m glad you liked it and that it turned out great for you. If you’d like to share pics with my fans you can email them to me at and I’ll share them on my fb page!!! Thanks

  6. 17

    Mary says

    I made this in 2 evening while watching tv with my husband. I added another row on the brim to make it wider and it looks super cute. I plan to give it to a friend going through chemo. Thanks for the cute patterns and I look forward to more

  7. 23

    Sarah says

    Step 6 “*Skip two posts and 4dc in sp between posts. Skip two posts and 1fpdc. Repeat from * around.” has me confused beyond belief. Please assist.

    • 24

      Lorene says

      you will crochet one cluster of 4dc (in between the 4 posts of the previous cluster) and then you will have 1 fpdc in the dc from the previous row. this will give you 1cluster (4dc) and 1fpdc

      • 25

        kathie miner says

        It had me confused as well….I had to go back and look at the photos in order to understand the pattern….Love the hat and thanks for the free pattern….looking forward to the kids version as well.

  8. 26

    fay says

    Hi! I’m still new to crochet. For now I only made a few accessories and still self-learning to crochet. One of the main problem for me is gauge, which make me unable to produce clothing for now. I really love this pattern and want to make it my first wearable project. The problem is: your design mention to use size 10mm and I only have crochet hook up to size 6mm. :( It is hard for me to get crochet hook locally so can you pretty please help this newbie? Fyi, I use hamanaka raku raku crochet set(which is very adorable and cant resist to buy it :D). Thank you :)

    • 27

      Lorene says

      I would love to help you but unfortunately in order to make this pattern larger using a smaller hook I’d have to completely rewrite the pattern. The only thing I can suggest you try is using double strand yarn (two strands at the same time) for the entire hat and crocheting VERY loosely. This is probably not the pattern to start with for making a hat for the first time though… I REALLY recommend you follow this pattern for designing your own custom hat first… then maybe you will be able to make the Newsboy slouch a larger size on your own…. here is the pattern link
      good luck and let me know if I can do anything else for you.

  9. 30

    Damica S. says

    I started this project for far 5X and I’m stuck on part 6. I don’t understand the instructions. I am using 100% cotton 4 thread and I’m stuck where there is a sl st into next st. sl st into the space after the next post. Do I skip the post? Then after *Skip two post and 4dc in sp between post.

    • 31

      Lorene says

      I’m afraid cotton thread will not be large enough for an adult sized hat. for step 6 you want to end up with 4 dc in each of the 4dc clusters from the previous row, so you will need to sl st over to that sp to complete the first cluster (ch2 and 3dc). So sl st into the 1st actual stitch. Then sl st into the space between the 2nd and 3rd posts, so that you are in the middle of the 4dc cluster from the previous round. The pictures below step 6 show you what that will look like. then the *skip two post posts is telling you exactly that… you will crochet between the posts of the 4dc cluster again. The pictures should help clarify this for you as well. But ultimately you will end up with 4dc clusters (in the center of the 4dc clusters from previous rows) and 1fpdc in between.

  10. 33

    Damica S says

    In round 7 do you do the shell on the top of the shells from the previous round? If not where do you start the round?

    • 34

      Lorene says

      you shell in between the 4posts of the shell from the previous round. After you finish round6 sl st over until you are in the center of the 1st shell (from the previous round), then ch 2 and 3dc in that space (you will have two posts on either side of where you are). The you will stitch your single fpdc in the single fpdc from the previous round, and then place your next 4dc shell in between the next shell (from the previous round). All of your shells will be in the center of the shell underneath it.

  11. 35

    Glenda says

    I love Newsboy hats and was especially drawn to this design. I really like the ridges or spokes, they really add character to the hat. I made it up in a light pink yarn I have had for over 20 years. I have been particular about what I use this yarn for because the company that made the yarn has gone out of business, so it is impossible to get any more. I finished off the hat with a row of reverse single crochet to give the edge a more finished look. I love the way it looks. Thank you for the pattern. I am part of the Admin for Crochet Project Ideas, Facebook page. We post links & pictures to free patterns we find around the web. We don’t get paid and there is no cost, we do this for the love of crochet. Stop by the page and take a look. If you have a free pattern you would like us to post with a link back to you, just let us know. Once again I really like this Newsboy Slouch Hat!!

      • 37

        Glenda says

        Just thought I would drop by and let you know this pattern link has been very popular on my Pinterest board “Head Gear”. In the last ten weeks since I pinned it, it has been pinned 35 times and counting. I hope they all love this great pattern as much as I do.

  12. 39

    Minh says

    When you say 1st 2 round measures 3″ do you mean the diameter or circumference? I always have problems with the gauge, I think I always pull to tight, so I want to make it right this time

    • 40

      Lorene says

      I mean 3″ from one side to the other side. measure right in the middle all the way across. let me know if you have any other questions.

  13. 45

    Linnea says

    I just made this hat using Lion Brand Homespun, size K (6.5mm) and H (5mm) hooks, and a comfortably loose stitch, and it turned out GORGEOUS. It’s a gift for a friend, so I’m glad it worked! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

  14. 47

    Marie says

    I seen this and I said that I should do this…after 5 times I finally got it done using redheart dove colombe and it is beautiful..thank you for sharing have created a beautiful classic design

  15. 48

    marie tibble says

    Thanks for putting this pattern for everyone. I’ve made three ..I really love it.. I was wondering how to make the bill a little longer? Please help

    • 49

      Lorene says

      You could probably just add a row of sc or hdc to the brim, maybe do increasing stitches in the center spaces. good luck.

  16. 50

    Thu Nhi says

    Thank you for your sharing, the hat pattern is very lovely. I’m very excited to make it for my daughter.

  17. 52

    Pamela says

    Thanks for sharing your pattern, Lorene! I’m making this asap. I just finished a man’s Golf Cap with the cables and I was glad to see you advised this is not for a beginner. Whew, that was a challenge! I’m wondering, you said this was inspired by Mary’s Newsboy Hat, and I’d like to see that one too. I can’t find it. Can you help? Thanks in advance!

  18. 54

    Renna says

    I’m working up this pattern & have a question about row 13. The instructions say to work 1 sc in the next 3 sts & 1dec2tog using the stitch before & the stitch after the fpdc. Are you only working with 3 stitches from the cluster & using the space before & after the fpdc for the 1dc2tog? I hope this isn’t confusing, I’m making this for my sister and want to ensure I’m doing it correctly! Thanks!

    • 55

      Lorene says

      yes you are working the 3sc in the cluster and then using the space before and after the fpdc for your decrease.

  19. 56

    Leah says

    I made myself one of these today, and I LOVE it! Thank you so much for the wonderful pattern – it was very clear and easy to follow. Now I plan to make one for my little cousin who is recovering from brain surgery :)

  20. 58

    Ingrid says

    I made this tonight in about 3 hours! It took me a few tries to get my stitch count right I somehow managed to miss a stitch on row 3 but I didn’t discover it until row 5. I learned the importance of counting stitches after each round LOL. I had a blast and can’t wait to make a few more in different colors. Thanks for the fantastic pattern, I also added it to my projects on

  21. 59

    Fay Whaley says

    I made several of these hats. The last one that i made i swiched to P hook for the body of the hat and used the J hook for the brim. It made a really slouchy hat. Thank you so much for the use of your pattern.

  22. 60

    Denise LaPerriere says

    I am new to crocheting (just been doing it about 6 months now) and this is my first attempt at a slouch (or semi-slouch) hat. I am now at row 14 and when I put it on my head (I’m making it for myself :-) ) it seems a bit snug. So, I’m wondering…do I just have a big head? Did I use too much tension? Hmmm… I have managed to follow your written instructions pretty easily which is unusual for me so I don’t think I did anything wrong. I’m just thinking maybe I have a big head! :-) Any advice you could offer as to how I go about making it fit better would be greatly appreciated! I also have no problem with this idea of finishing this one off as is and starting a new one with different measurements for my huge head! 😀
    Thank you!!

      • 62

        Denise LaPerriere says

        Thank you so much for your quick response and advice! I just measured the circumference of the fitted band and it’s 19″ on the nose. (above where you are talking about the gauge you mentioned the diameter of the band being 19″, but I am guessing you meant circumference?) :-) I also measured my head and it’s about 21-1/2″ BUT, there isn’t much stretch to the band so I just can’t get it comfortably on my head. I’m confused! :-)

        • 63

          Lorene says

          head size of a an adult woman is about 21-22″ but since the hat is a slouch I made my band tighter to stay on the head better, so the band itself is fitted well, BUT my band has a lot of give/stretch in it because of the way I crochet. You could pull out the band section and use less tension or a bigger hook. I happen to still have this hat, the band now measures nearly 20″ in circumference. I honestly do not know if it was always that measurement (and I made a mistake) or if it just stretched with use. But my crochet always has a lot of give, it is never tight. We could both crochet a band that was the same dimensions but if mine has more “give” than it will stretch and yours could be tighter and not stretch, I hope that makes sense.

          I will change the measurement in the pattern to be 20″ though since that is what mine measures now and most likely I just made a mistake, since I doubt even if the had did stretch, that it would STAY stretched after not being used in a year.

          • 64

            Denise LaPerriere says

            I took your advice and pulled the band out and used a 6.50 MM hook and it seems to fit better. I am still so new to crocheting that I think my tension is a bit inconsistent at times. Thank you so much for this pattern! It really is beautiful! I figure I will finish off this one and then change up my yarn and try again. I wouldn’t mind having this hat in a few different colors anyway! It really is a great pattern!!!

          • 65

            Lorene says

            thank you, what yarn are you using, I should have asked that from the beginning.. different weights will make a difference.

          • 66

            Denise LaPerriere says

            Red Heart Soft Watercolors. This is the first time I have tried to make this hat and I thought this yarn would be a nice one to use. Still learning! :-)

          • 68

            Denise LaPerriere says

            I think you are right! It felt thinner as I was using it, but I was set on the color and so tried to use a lot less tension. I finished it last night and it looks fantastic and…doesn’t fit me quite right! :-) It’ll work out though because I have a 4 year old daughter that it looks amazing on! It’s a little big on her, but she will grow into it. :-)
            Thank you SO MUCH for all your advice and attention!!!
            I am about 2 minutes away from starting another one in a different yarn…hopefully for myself this time! :-)

          • 69

            Lorene says

            great. sometimes you can get away with using thinner yarn IF you use a bigger hook, but not always… it really depends on the project. But at least your little girl can use it! Hopefully the next one works out better for you.

  23. 70

    Darlene says

    I just made the hat. Wow it turned out beautifully. Ty for this pattern. I want to make one for each of my grandkids. Thank you again. I’m anxious to try your other patterns.

  24. 72

    Juli says

    Thank you for such a great pattern – one of the cutest I’ve seen in a long while. I made up one last night and it’s ADORABLE. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • 75

      Lorene says

      That should say dc2tog- double crochet two together. I do not have a video for it but there are many out there, I also updated the pattern with a description of the st.

      dc2tog- double crochet two together
      yarn over, insert hook into 1st st, yarn over and pull through st, (three loops on hook), insert hook in next st, yarn over, pull through, (four loops on hook), yarn over, pull through first two loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through last two loops on hook

  25. 76


    Hi, of coսrse tɦis piece of writing is genuinely nice and
    I have learned lot оf thinցs from it regardiոg blogging.

    • 78

      Lorene says

      It is on the list, but to be honest I don’t know how long it will take… I’m very pregnant with baby #3 and baby #2 (3yo) doesn’t nap anymore, that used to be my filming time… but I will try.

  26. 79

    Mandy says

    Hi, I would like to make this for my 10 year old. How could I adapt the pattern? Smaller crochet needle? Made one as per your pattern and it is fantastic! Thanks

  27. 81

    Crystal says

    Thank you so much for the patter. I made myself one of these adorable hats and I have already had to make 4 more. Thank you!

  28. 83


    Here are your instructions: *1sc in each of the next 3sts. dc2tog (you will be decreasing the st before and the st after the fpdc together).

    How can you have a 4dc cluster, sc in next 3, dc2tog before and after post, and still do 3 sc’s?
    Thank you and beautiful hat.

    • 84

      Lorene says

      because you are taking 1 away from each 4dc cluster with the dc2tog. Making it 3 on one side and 3 on the other. Though it SHOULD say sc2tog, NOT dc2tog. sorry. I fixed this in the pattern.

  29. 87

    Erin says

    I love this hat! I am fairly new to crocheting and I was able to follow this pattern’s detailed directions. Thank you! To make this hat smaller or larger, would I just use smaller or larger hooks? Thank you

  30. 89

    Rachel says

    Adorable hat, but I ended up having to seriously modify it for my super bulky yarn and apparently tiny head; when I did it all as is, I probably could have fit another whole head in it. I only took it as it is through step 3, and then skipped to a modified step 6 for that round (did 2dc in stitch between 2 posts instead of 4dc, since there were 2 fewer posts between each fpdc). Followed that until the hat just covered by ears, then did a sc dec for every other fpdc, totalling 30 stitches around the band. To finish the band, I sc 2 more rounds just as in your instructions. I also did a modified brim so that it wouldn’t go 270deg around the band.
    Thanks for posting this! I finally have a cute hat that’s neither too small or overwhelming.

    • 90

      Lorene says

      I’m glad you liked it. The pattern is written with worsted weight yarn which is more than half as thin as super bulky so it is no surprise that you had to modify it… a lot, lol.

  31. 91

    Lisa says

    I really love the shape of this hat! I’ve been looking all over the net for a slouchy newsboy hat pattern for a toddler, but yours is the only one I really like.

    I noticed that you were going to post the toddler version in March 2013, but I can’t seem to find it! Could you please point me in the right direction to that post? I’d really love to make this for my grandson.

    Thanks for all you do!


  32. 93

    elainE says

    I’m using worsted universal yarn 4 med. and it just fits me. I’m an adult women and would like it to fit like on the picture. I used one stran and two on the brim.

    • 94

      Lorene says

      try a larger hook, you may have tighter tension than I do. I’m not familiar with that yarn, is it a little on the thinner side? Not all worsted weights are the same thickness. I used Red Heart (With Love or Classic)

  33. 95

    Elaine says

    Please would you help me. I’m trying to put an extra row on the hat brim and I can’t get it to work out. Thanks

    • 96

      Lorene says

      I can try to help you make modifications, but I’ll need to know what you are doing and why it isn’t working before I can tell you what to do.

  34. 97

    Kierstyn maxwell says

    I love this pattern! First one I made came out too small, even though I checked my guage (which I’m usually bad and don’t ha!) So I gave it to my daughter. Did it again with the bigger hook and it worked out great for me! I used Aurora Borealis yarn from Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee brand and it turned out beautiful! I then made my daughter’s Madame Alexander doll (like American Girl) one. To make it small enough I only did 8 dc in the magic loop and used a K hook. For the band I only went around 3 times and for the brim used an I hook and double yarn, then followed this pattern (sl st into next st, 4 sc, 4 dc, 4 sc, sl st then turn, 1 sc in next st, 2sc in next stich, 1 hdc, 1hdc, 1dc, 2dc, 1dc, 1hdc, 1hdc, 2sc, 1sc, sl st in next then finish and stich in ends! Turned out super cute!

  35. 99

    Kasandra says

    Love this. I didn’t have an N size hook, so I used a K size and added about 8 more of row 6 before closing it in. Super cute

  36. 102

    Paint freak says

    I would have sent you a picture of one of my hats of this pattern. I can’t work out how.

    I’m not very good at following patterns. On this one I have always used at least 2 colours and I used what looks like chunkier yarn and had to shrink the rim a bit. *I also added an extra bit to the brim. I also added a lining of some silk jersey. It was tighter fit and so I could attach the sloppiness to it so it wouldn’t tip over my eyes.

    It all worked in the end! Thank you for this – it’s a wonderful pattern.


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