Bulky Stacked Shell Cowl and Shrug

Bulky Stacked Shell Cowl and Shrug

This pattern was retired from the blog as of Monday 02/09/15 and will become available as a paid pattern only.

Zola Bulky Stacked Shell Cowl FREE pattern from Cre8tion Crochet



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    Cyndee says

    Can you please share a tip or two about not having the starting chain twist? I usually need to try a couple times before getting it right and of course by the time I realize its twisted, I’m nearly done the second row. Thanks in advance! And of course thank you for this pattern. I can’t wait to try it!

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      Lorene says

      yes. The way I do it is I pull up and make the last loop of the chain a little longer… pull the hook out and then I hold the chain in one had… grab it between the thumb and forefinger with my other hand and follow it all the way down (one side of the chain is “bumpier” than the other so I pay attention to the way it feels. Then I lay the loop (that I made larger, the last st of the chain) and lay it on top of the first st in the chain. I put the hook back in (front to back) and then yarn over and pull through the stitches.

      Pay attention as you crochet around, making sure you are always keeping the “bumpy” side out. Just make sue you are on the right track before you sl st to join the round. A lot of times you can correct it if you are wrong, just twist it BEFORE you do the sl st. Hope this helps.

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      Lorene says

      I had put plus the chain so the five rows is NOT including the beginning chain. You should have 5rows of fp crochet (1fpdc and 4fptc). Hope that makes sense.

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    Debi Potts says

    I love that you include a suggested Retail Price!!! I never know what to charge for an item (although I know I usually get paid to little). This is a great learning tool for me! I can’t wait to make one of my own!

    Oh, I also appreciate that you don’t mind people selling items made with your patterns. A lot of people do not like that. Thanks again!

    • 8

      Lorene says

      You are very welcome. One of my biggest goals is to help you guys have a successful crochet business… and to not undercharge yourselves. good luck!

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    Nikki says

    I love this cowl but it would appear that I am a little wider across the shoulders. Please confirm that I need to increase my starting chain by a number that is divisable by 3 and continues to be divisable by three when starting the pattern rows,

    Thank you,

    • 10

      Lorene says

      The first chain needs to be an even number in order to have the fptc’s line up properly. But then you need to decrease to multiples of three for the shell rounds. So I would start with a multiple of 3 that is either an even # or add one to it and then decrease by one in the hdc round (right before shells). Then be sure to increase to the same even number when you start the fptc’s again (on the hdc round prior). Good luck and let me know if you need any further clarification.

      • 11

        Emily says

        I started this cowl (and loved what I had done) but I realized it was going to be too small for me so I am restarting it. I wanted to confirm that if I increase the chain to 120, I will not need to do the decrease in the hdc round? And I won’t need to do the increase for the start of the fptc’s? Thanks for your help and this gorgeous pattern!

  4. 13

    Rhonda says

    This is beautiful, thank you for sharing the pattern. I can’t wait to make it for my daughters.

  5. 15

    Darcie says

    I have just scanned over your pattern for now…I will definitely be taking more time later to read and DO! I just wanted to leave a quick note saying that I appreciate your “recommended retail price” suggestion. Clever! So may I ask, do you have a general rule of thumb for your retail prices? That is always a hang-up of mine.

    Thanks for sharing a lovely pattern!

  6. 17

    Megan says

    Could you start this pattern with a foundationless double crochet row? That would help make it easier to avoid twisting versus a chain. This is a really nice pattern, thanks for posting it!

  7. 19


    hello, couple of questions (cause I want to make this real bad!) on row 4 you say to repeat row 4. (probably a type) At the very end…Line 13 I think you say that you will end up with 5 fp rows however I only see 4 so I want to make sure I get this right. I see 3 fp rows for line 11, line 12 is the additional 2 fp rows for line 11 so not counting them and then one more fp row for line 13. Did I miss something? I think this is beautiful and need to get started on my x-mas gifts! Thanks.

    • 20

      Lorene says

      yes it was a typo, should say repeat row 3. The 2nd row (first row that is regular dc) will be included in this count since it will become part of the block of fpdc (from the fpdc’s placed in it on the 3rd row). Hope that makes sense!

  8. 21


    I’m still confused with the later rows,
    Line 13 I think you say that you will end up with 5 fp rows however I only see 4 so I want to make sure I get this right. I see 3 fp rows for line 11, line 12 is the additional 2 fp rows for line 11 so not counting them and then one more fp row for line 13. Did I miss something? thanks

    • 22

      Lorene says

      The last rows? Line 10 counts as the first row since the fptc’s of round 11 will be stitched into that row, making that part of the section. Line 11 is the 2nd row. The two repeats of line 11 are rows 3 & 4 and line 12 is row 5! Hope that makes sense!

  9. 23

    Henrike says

    Hi! I am working on this one as we speak and I love it already. I am considering starting my own crochet business next to my teaching job (it’s nice to have a goal for all my crocheting)!
    I am reading the articles on your web site and they are so helpful, thank you for all your work!

    • 24

      Lorene says

      I’m so glad you are finding these so helpful. If you ever need any help getting your business set up please let me know.

  10. 25

    Rachel says

    What size would you say this pattern fits? I would like to make this for different family members, but they are not all the same size.

    I also want to thank you for letting us know how much to charge for this beautiful cowl. That helps alot!

    • 26

      Lorene says

      you are very welcome. I am 5’3 and weigh about 125-130lbs. If you want to make it longer you can simply increase the beginning chain and follow the same method. It will stretch as well.

    • 32

      Lorene says

      It’ts really hard to tell from the picture. I’d need to see a close up of the stitches (about 20-30 sts worth) but it looks like your beginning chain is too tight, causing it to flare out as you go along. Anytime you are doing a beginning chain of a project you need to make sure it isn’t too tight. You may have to use a larger hook to do the chain. Better yet if you can do a foundation chain double crochet in place of rows 1 & 2 it would be even better. I have a tutorial here http://cre8tioncrochet.com/2013/06/foundation-chain-double-crochet/

  11. 33

    Andrea says

    I tried again and I think it figured it out! On row 3, I was working in every stitch and every post, and that was giving me 200 stitches. But skipping an entire set has worked. Ill email a pic of the new one. Please email back if its correct or not :-) thanks!

    • 34

      Lorene says

      very good. Yes, you are not increasing here (what happens when you put 1fpdc AND 1dc in every st) Your are doing a dc in one and a fpdc in the next. Glad you figured it out.

  12. 35


    I love this and I just starting making my own that I can hopefully sell. Thank you for adding a suggested retail price. That’s one thing I get hung up on. I’ve also been browsing through your business articles and they’ve been very helpful. Thank you!

  13. 37

    Peg says

    I was drawn to the green infinity. I also have difficult on getting my fountation row from not twisting. What i finally learned to do it is leave my initial chain a little bigger so I can hook it on my little finger while I crochet. Also I want to congratulations.for.putting suggested retail price. It totally caught my eye.especially since you posted how.much the.supplies are. I like the.mark up.

    • 38

      Lorene says

      Thank you for the positive feedback, and that is a great tip for keeping your chain from twisting. I had to make about 50 cowls last year so I got pretty good at keeping my chain the right way, lol.

  14. 39

    Effie says

    Dear Lorene,hi..I ve already made your cowl in a blue petrol color and it is really great…
    What I want to ask you is about the yarn I used which is an 100% acrylic one.Since it was made for myself I have no problem but I want to make one for my sister’s good friend.I’m unemployed so I don’t afford to buy a good yarn plus here in Greece are really expensive.So,is it ok to make it with that yarn?Thank you in advance….

    • 40

      Lorene says

      Using an acrylic yarn to give this as a gift is completely acceptable, I would just choose a soft one. Some brands are softer than others as are some colors (in the same brands).
      You can make it in ANY yarn you choose, your sizing just may be different. Since you have already made one you will have a good idea whether or not you need to use a different hook or increase/decrease stitches anywhere! I’d love to see your finished work. You can email me a pic at cre8tion@ymail.com if you’d like! Good luck!

      • 41

        Effie says

        Thank you…Ofcourse I will sent you pictures both of the cowls when I’m done with the second.I really appreciate your work and communication with all of us who follow you.Keep up the good work!

  15. 44

    Bobbie Athey says

    Do your chain 2 or 3 count as stitch? When you say skip first stitch do you mean the stich beginning chain is in or the next stitch? Also do i join into chain stitch or skip it and join in next. Thank you and i love the pattern..

    • 45

      Lorene says

      What part of the pattern are you speaking about, or are you asking about the seamless method??? For the seamless method the first ch2 does NOT count as a stitch. You would ch 2 THEN skip the first st… 1dc in the next st (this is the 1st dc) and 1dc in every st all the way around, place the last stitch into the space previously left open (working over the ch2) then sl st into the top of the 1st dc to join round.

  16. 46

    Cheryl says

    May I ask how the pattern starts with ch 102 then decreases to 100 working stitches? I did a fcdc and I still have 102 sts. Where did your 2 disappear or I wonder if I’ve somehow gained 2?

    • 47

      Lorene says

      that must have been a typo… I’m sorry. you are the first person to notice, lol. There have been a bunch of people who have done this cowl and no one has said anything, lol.

  17. 48

    Michelle says

    Hi Lorene. I am about halfway through this project and am in love with it! The only issue that I had was that the starting 100 chains seemed really short to me so I added to it to make my cowl hang lower. Is there any way you can add guage and finished measurements to your patterns?

    • 49

      Lorene says

      I thought I did have finished measurements, sorry. I will add them. I will not be able to do a gauge till tomorrow… crazy busy day with school starting tomorrow for the kiddo’s but I will get it done for you soon. I will tell you this… the RedHeart with Love is thicker than Red Heart classic so you may want to keep that in mind.

      • 50

        Michelle says

        Thank you for your fast reply. I did complete mine today with the red heart super saver. It is acceptable for now but will make another with the red heart with love yarn. Thank you again for taking time to make a guage swatch and for including measurents.

        • 52

          AJ says

          I couldn’t find any gauge swatch measurements on this page or in the pattern. Could you direct me to them please? I did go to Red Heart’s site and looked at the Love yarn there. It recommended a gauge of

          14sc x 14r = 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10 cm) with a K hook instead of J, as mentioned in the video.

          Is that what should be used? Generally, should the gauge on the yarn be used? I’m using a bulky weight 5 yarn with a recommended gauge of 21sc x 27r = 6″ x 6″ with an L hook.

          Also wondering how to translate actual shoulder measurements into what the final measurements of the cowl should be? If yours measures 19″ x 19″, that is a loop so total diameter would be 38″ for shoulder diameter of 35-40 inches? or does your cowl stretch from 19″ to fit around a shoulder with diameter of 35-40 inches?

          Thanks in advance, I’m so very excited to make this for my mother for Christmas. I know she’ll love it and I’m so excited about the diversity of this pattern!!

          • 53

            Lorene says

            This was one of my older patterns, before I was as conscious about gauge, but yes the gauge for Red Heart with Love will be appropriate. However on my package of yarn it recommends the 6.0mm (J) hook that was used in the pattern. Not sure why their website would recommend a 6.5mm (K) hook instead.

            You will have to gauge for yourself how to make the pattern fit using bulky yarn. The notes section gives all the directions necessary for altering for size. Your assumptions about the circumference (diameter is the wrong term for this measurement :) is correct. 19x wide makes the total circumference of the cowl 38″.

            If you need to make this for someone with a different size you can use their actual measurements. Have them put their arms down at their sides and measure completely around the very upper arm/shoulder area. Make your foundation chain that measurement, or an inch smaller since the cowl will have some stretch when completed.

            Good luck!

          • 54

            AJ says

            Hi Lorene,

            Thanks for the comments. I made it with the bulky yarn (size 5) and it turned out great. I started it on Dec 20th and got it done before Christmas (phew!) My mom loved it. I was a bit worried it might be too heavy for her, but it wasn’t. The pattern is absolutely wonderful. Thanks again for the pattern and for responding in the nick of time!

  18. 56

    mary lou says

    Hi Lorene,Iam on line 8 of the bulky cowl , do I sl st in the beginning 2 sts, as I did in row 7, for the rest of the eighteen rows?

  19. 58

    Khadija says

    Hi Lorene ! I must say this is one gorgeous cowl p.s shrug which I like it a lot for ! I have just started making mine and its going so well according to pattern :)
    Thank You so much for sharing this with us ! :)
    I have a little tiny problem , I am using 6mm hook and yarn is local but 8 ply and I am at 7th row , so I tried wearing it to estimate its width around my shoulders but its too tight !
    Why is that ???
    Is it yarn problem that its not stretchy or should undo it all and increase the beginning chain ??
    Please help me out ! I have stopped this project for now until problem solves
    much love, x :)

    • 59

      Lorene says

      8ply is just too thin. I’m guessing you are in the UK or Australia? In America 8ply is considered sport weight yarn. You will need to use a worsted weight or 10ply yarn… OR increase the starting chain and probably add a few rows to the center (stacked shell) portion of the pattern. If you chose to increase your starting chain just keep in mind that the first and last set of rows (front posts rounds) need to be an even number. The middle set of rows (stacked shells) need to be divisible by 3, so you can do 120 stitches for your beginning chain (which will fit both criteria) or you can decrease or increase as needed between sections. My finished cowl measures 19″x19″

      • 60

        Khadija says

        Thanks for so quick reply ! I’ll try by 120 stitches ..hope it turns out good.
        I am in Pakistan..there is not much variety or different qualities of yarn here. I dont know where to find 10 ply yarn :/ is it equivalent to bulky yarn ?

        • 61

          Lorene says

          bulky is thicker, I know that some places do not have 10ply/worsted weight yarn. You can try doubling an 8ply??? bulky would be very thick but you could use it with the original chain and see if it works

  20. 62

    Lois says

    Hi I love this pattern I was just wondering in line 13 is it correct..ch 2 1fpdc dont you end with fptc like the start… just wondering …thanks again Lois

  21. 64

    Amina says

    A lovely crochet ,you wouldn’t have a diagram or chart for this lovely cowl ,I’d be very happy if you do .thanks

    • 65

      Lorene says

      I do not have one currently. I am working on making diagrams for my patterns but it won’t be until at least December. I will be attending the CGOA conference in October and I have so much prep work for it. Then I’m taking a week off after the conference to regroup. I would be happy to help you with it though, it is a simple design.

  22. 66

    Angela says

    Hi Lorene! I’m in love with your pattern and am making it in a cream color, but I was just curious if in step 7 it is supposed to be just 1 sl st since in the end of step 6 you sl st in to the top of the ch 2 to complete the round?


    • 67

      Lorene says

      Thank you very much, but yes I did mean the next two sts, because you want to end up in the top of the 3rd dc (middle dc) to put the next shell.

      • 68

        Florence says

        Hi Lorene ! and thank you for this lovely pattern.
        I made a sample and, like Angela, I don’t understand row 7. Each shell is made up of 3 dcs. So shouldn’t middle dc be the 2nd one ?
        At the end of row 6, you sl st into the top of the ch2 = 1st dc
        If you sl st in the next 2 sts and end up in top of the 3rd dc, the shells don’t line up, do they ?
        I’m really sorry to insist on that point since you already answered but I don’t get it…

        Thanks !

        • 69

          Lorene says

          maybe I did make a mistake… let me go look again, I may have confused it with something else.. yes I did…. I am changing it now. Thank you for pointing it out. And you are very welcome too, glad you like it!

      • 72

        Lorene says

        I went back and looked again, someone else questioned it… I’m sorry, I was confusing this pattern with a different one… yes you only need to sl st into the next post (after the initial sl st to join round), so sorry

  23. 74


    Hi Lorene, I am in love with this pattern. And I also loved your “Selling your Crochet” series, so taking inspiration from both I have opened my Etsy shop a few days back. Of course I had to include Zola in my items for sale, here is the link to my listing of the cowl https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/163182611/cowl-and-fingerless-gloves-set-crochet. The cowl is a little narrower than the pattern as I ran out of yarn.
    I would be thrilled if you visited my shop. Please feel free to let me have your comments, opinions or even criticisms as I really value your thoughts on anything crochet.
    Thanks a bunch for the pattern and also your selling series.
    Regards, Sangeetha

    • 75

      Lorene says

      Thank you, I’m so glad you are finding the information helpful. The items in your shop are all very pretty. The photography is very clean. The lighting could be a little brighter, and it would be great if you could get some pictures of the items worn on people. BUT all in all it looks very good. The pic of the fingerless gloves being worn is very good. I would probably sell those by themselves too (in various colors). I would also suggest adding more items to the shop as people tend to purchase more from shops when they have a lot of merchandise. Keep it up!!!

      I had planned on making fingerless mitts to go with the cowl, that look very much like the ones you made, they are very nice!

      I WOULD also raise your prices, they do seem a little on the low side… your work is very nice and you can definitely get more! You can offer “sale” prices to entice customers if you wish, but keep the base price slightly higher.

      Thank you for sharing your site with me, good luck!

      • 76


        Dear Lorene, Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely keep these points in mind. Yes, I am confused about the pricing, A) because I use acrylic yarn and, B) because I use yarn made in India and I have no idea about its softness compared to other yarns.
        But I will work on it.
        Thank you once again.

        • 77

          Lorene says

          Price goes by more than just materials. You need to get fair wages for your hours too. I’m not sure what wages are like in India but here minimum wage is $7.50 USD. I would recommend getting at least 622.30- 1244.60 Rupee PER hour worth of work PLUS materials.

  24. 78

    Madison Bunch says

    Hi, Lorene :) I have been working on this cowl/shawl for a while and I have a question that I have been a little concerned about. I’m on the last row for the double front post and triple crochet, and my ribbed part is kinda curling around. Is it supposed to be this way until I do the hdc or am I doing something wrong?

  25. 79

    Madison Bunch says

    Oops! I think I know what I did wrong… I may have misread the directions. I’m starting over an trying again, hopefully I’ll do it right this time lol!

  26. 81

    Ryane says

    So i’m in the process of making this for a friend i’ve never met so i’ve used myself as a guide, i have the average shoulder measurements that you talk about for some reason it’s way too small to fit me! so i layed it flat and its 15 inches on the wides part, WHY?!?! I have used a different yarn because i could get a hold of the kind you used but ive been over the label and the one i googled of yours and they both match except your yarn suggest a 6.5mm crochet hook. do you have any suggestions, or idea why mine is so much smaller?

    • 82

      Lorene says

      labels lie, lol. All worsted weight yarns are different. For example Caron’s Simply Soft is WAY thinner than Red Heart Classic. What yarn did you use. Hook size is usually a good indicator.

  27. 83

    Christina says

    I did the 100 sts foundation chain and am putting the 100 DC sts in. I have 50 DC sts in as of now. Should this already fit over my shoulders?

    • 84

      Lorene says

      I’m not understanding your question. The foundation chain should be big enough to fit over your shoulders, if it isn’t you will need to add stitches, instructions are in the notes of the pattern.

  28. 85

    Deborah says

    Hi, Lorene,

    I just chanced upon this wonderful website while looking for a pretty crochet pattern for a cowl that could double as a capelet. ^^ Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get started.

    However, a teensy little questions about what kind of yarn to use. My local arts and crafts store does not carry Red Heart with Love; however, I do have Patons Classic Wool Yarn. The label says that it should be for a H8/5 mm hook. Should I just start this pattern with 150 chains (as I am making this for a friend with broader shoulders? Or would 120 chains be enough?

    Thanks so much.

      • 87

        Deborah says

        No, thank YOU for the pattern! ^^ It’s so pretty!

        Yet another quickie question: I’m on the first row of DC (Row 1?), and I’m confused about how the last double crochet should be made in the “missed stitch.” Should I pass the Ch2 to make it?

        Thanks so much.

        • 88

          Lorene says

          yes, you just act as if the first Ch2 isn’t even there, and go right over it. (you also crochet in the stitch the ch2 is in, right before the ch2) did you watch the video tutorial on my seamless rounds?

  29. 94

    Amy says

    Love the pattern! in the first few rows i read TC as DC…. so i did FPTC then DC… the bottom part curled in and by the time i realized why I was already through with all the shells….. oh well. its still quite lovely :) thanks

  30. 96

    Brittany Yenser says

    Before I continue, I want to make sure I understand round 3. When we chain 3 and do a fptc in next stitch, that means we skip a stitch, correct? And when we get to the end of the round should we be going over the chain 3? I feel like I am skipping a stitch somewhere but when I count my stitches I have 100 plus the chain 3. Should I have 99 plus the chain 3?

    • 97

      Lorene says

      It is done in my seamless method, if you haven’t already, watch the video so you understand. The chain is to be ignored, doesn’t count as anything. You should have 100sts total at the end of the round.

  31. 100

    Lauren says

    This pattern is stunning. I’m finishing one up right now and am in love! I had planned to give it is a gift, but now I don’t know…I might have to keep this one for myself! :)

  32. 102

    Kealy says

    started this last night for my christmas swap gift….love how quickly it is working up!! of course, now every female relative wants one!! LOVE your patterns!!

  33. 104

    BK says

    I made this over the week/end. The pattern was so easy to follow and I got so many compliments, even though mine didn’t turn out as pretty as the pictures on here! Thank you so much for posting it & making it free. :)

  34. 108

    Carrie B. says

    I’m giving the FCDC a try for the first time, and I get how to start out that way easy enough, but I’m not sure how to do it in a “round”. How do I attach it to the beginning? Do I just slip stitch to the beginning FCDC? It seems like the bottom part would be hanging loose if I did that. Thank you.

    • 109

      Lorene says

      you are doing fpdc in every other post so you will be sl st’ing into a regular post (or more specifically a chain) to join each round. The video is also very helpful.

      • 110

        Carrie B. says

        I’m actually on the foundation chain… Trying to do a foundation chain double crochet round that you give as an alternate way to start out. I’m just not sure how do you do it in a “Round”? I end up with 10o in a row rather than a round. How do I make it into a loop?

        • 111

          Lorene says

          you have to join the ends with a sl st (half will appear “open” but will be closed off when you weave in your tail). then continue on in the round.

    • 114

      Lorene says

      Thanks Kara! The funny thing is that it sat on my dresser for a month or two before I published it… I wasn’t thrilled with it at first. It has ended up being one of my most popular patterns.

  35. 115

    Dana says

    I know what I’m going to charge for this cowl. Free free free to me! This is exactly what I’ve been searching for! It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much!

  36. 117

    Chrisann says

    I finished this project last night, and I have a few problems that maybe you could help me with. First on the rows of hdc it tightened enough that the piece appeared to taper. Then on the last row of hdc I attempted to make them loose and that caused the ribbbing to look more like thatching. Please help! :)

    • 118

      Lorene says

      I could only assume that your tension probably started off very tight, possibly your chain was too tight. I recommend using the fhdc for that reason. If you maintain the same tension throughout and be sure not to do the first chain too tightly it should work out fine. There is a SLIGHT taper and the ribbing (maybe 1/2″ total) but only when it is laid flat and only a tiny bit.

  37. 119

    Valarie says

    I am working on my second cowl, it’s an awesome pattern, looks so nice when finished..I also made wristers and boot cuffs to match! Thanks a bunch for the pattern!

  38. 121

    Annie says

    Just made this cowl, and I am beginning another… Thank you so so much for the pattern. Will email you a pic, if you’d like to see it?

  39. 123

    Lucia says

    Love this pattern, I used a dark tan, medium tan, light tan and white yarn to do this. It fades from dark and the bottom to white at the top, my 14 yr old daughter snagged it right away and I can’t get it back LOL. I always know something is a success when she wears it to school. Thank you! I just saw your free for a week pattern and I know she’ll love that one as well.

  40. 124

    Patricia says

    Just happened up on this while searching for a project to show my mother how to crochet while recovering from surgery. This is awesome. Visual aids are the bomb.

    Thank you soooooooooooooo much.

  41. 125

    Cheryl Devose says

    Hi Lorene, I have strated the shrug in the same color green. I am done with one 7 oz yarn roll and on line 7 on the shells. This pattern is to big for me across the shoulders for me. I dont have a clue on how many chains to start off with. PLEASE HELP. Thanks so much for this lovely pattern. Signed lol almost done. ; )

    • 126

      Lorene says

      I would need to see it with a tape measure on it to see why yours is so much bigger (I’m assuming it is bigger because I’m pretty tiny and it fits me fine). But here is the information on how to make it smaller. I can’t tell you how many stitches you will need exactly, you’ll have to measure it around yourself. (make your chain, wrap it around yourself and when it is comfortable make sure it is an even number that you can easily add or take away one st to make it a divisible of 3 for the shell rounds). OR measure yourself first and then make your chain to the required length. Good luck.

      Are you using the same size hook? What is your cowl measuring? It should be 19″ wide.

  42. 127

    Cheryl Devose says

    Thanks Lorene I fixed my chain. I made my chain to loose the first time. Know I’m not sure why my 2nd row of shells are curling up.

  43. 130

    Kristen says

    Wow, I never leave comments on anything, but I felt that I had to for this.

    I love this pattern! I don’t have the patience for scarves, and I was looking for a pattern for an infinity scarf because I wanted something more appealing than a basic double crochet. This was surprisingly easy, looks like something purchased rather than homemade, and it’s versatile.

    I was too lazy to go to the store, so I just used yarn that I had from projects I never got around to starting. The ribbing is black and the shells are a deep burgundy, and it looks fantastic.

    Thanks so much for posting the pattern!

  44. 132

    Mindy says

    Hi Lorene! Just came across your site while searching for a chunky cowl. I wanted to make one that went over the shoulders. Your pattern is beautiful! I’m working on one now. Can’t wait for it to be finished!! I also love the toddler tank!! That’s next for me! I’ve got some simply soft left over yarn and 2 little girls who would love one!! I don’t know about your girl but mine always ask when I’m working on somethimg if its for them! Thanks for the free patterns!!!! I’m definitely adding your site to my favorites!!!!

  45. 137

    Amanda says

    I love this pattern! I’m working on my 4th one right now!! I opened a shop on etsy and this was the first thing I put on! I’m just getting to read patterns and you have this written so wonderfully! It was so easy for me to figure out!

  46. 139

    Michelle says

    Hey there. Love this! I’ve tatted and I am at the end of the first row. I’m still a beginner but I’m not having too much trouble yet! My question is, the end of row 1 it says to sl st into the first dc. I know normally you’re supposed to, but I want to make sure I know before I continue. Is the ch2 from the beginning of the row considered the first dc?

    Any answer would be wonderful!

    • 140

      Lorene says

      yes the original turning chain is considered the first dc (typically in patterns, this is always the case unless otherwise noted)

      • 141

        Michelle says

        Thanks so much. I figured as much but I has looked at probably 20 other patterns and ONE of them said it wasn’t counted. I noticed in most of your other patterns it was specified. So, I just wanted to make sure.

  47. 142

    Lynn says

    AllFreeCrochet just shared this on Facebook today… I HAVE to make this, and it just so happens I don’t have anything that needs to get done today… so if you will excuse me, I have to go sort through my NINE FULL BINS of yarn to find a color. Thanks for sharing this lovely pattern with us!!

  48. 145


    This pattern is lovely and I like that you have taken so much time and trouble to lay out the instructions in an easy to follow and informative format.
    Thank you for sharing your talent :-)

    Hi Lorene, I found your blog today with the link you left on Go Crochet Crazy “Spring Fling Link-a Long” with Mary ylisela. My blog is called Crochet with Linda Dawn and this week I have tried knitting two baby sweaters, I learned a lot by switching crafts.

    my blog: linda-dawn-designs.blogspot.co.uk

    • 146

      Lorene says

      Thank you, I am very glad you enjoyed it. Your boys knit sweater and vest are adorable! Thank you for stopping by!

  49. 149

    Lindsay says

    Hello! Is there a different hook that I could also use? I was hoping to start this but I don’t have a J hook, I have G,H,I and N….would any of those work?

    • 150

      Lorene says

      You can really use any hook you want if you can get gauge… or just use the suggestions for customizing size (in notes) and make it whatever size you need with the hook or yarn you have! Good luck.

  50. 151

    Elizabeth Hinrichsen says

    I just made this yesterday, and I am SO thrilled! Your pattern was easy to follow and now I want to make one in every color to wear every day of spring! Thank you so much for sharing some of your patterns for free! I am not a pattern writer, but I can follow them, so for me, finding patterns like this is just wonderful! Thanks again! <3

  51. 152


    Thanks for an easy to follow pattern. I did mine w/ dark purple for the edge and light purple for the shells. Looking forward to making more :)

  52. 154

    SueAnn says

    Thank you, Zola for your instructions on the cowl. You teach very clearly and concise. I can’t wait to get started. :)

  53. 158

    Cheri says

    So with line 2 that says DC, does it in fact need to be fpdc? And I am practicing with cheap yarn and a small hook (cause that’s all I had when I found the pattern) but the stitches seem to clump at the top of each row. Is there a way to avoid this??

    • 159

      Lorene says

      Row 2 is one row of dc’s. I do not know how it works with thinner yarn and a smaller hook because I have not made it that way, but this pattern has been made many times with the suggested yarn (by many different people as it is one of my most popular), and it has never been an issue with bunching before. I’d suggest trying with the required hook and yarn and being careful with your tension. Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.

  54. 164

    kay says

    I am attempting to start this project but I have one question. Could I use the magic circle technique to start it instead of the foundation. I looked at your tutorial for the optional foundation dc but it was a bit confusing.


    • 165

      Lorene says

      not sure how you could possibly use a magic circle for something so big. You can google fdc for a video.. they are very helpful, or use a regular chain (crochet it LOOSE) add 4 sts to the st count and then place your first dc in the 3rd ch from hook

  55. 166

    Cheri says

    I’m trying to decide on how many stitches I should use for the starting chain (or FDC), I know that it should be divisible by 3 but have to make it longer due to shoulder width, I’m stuck between 129 or 132 for it. Should I go with the snugger look or the breathe a bit more look for the design?

  56. 168

    Shawntay says

    Hi just found your pattern and absolutely love it. I have a question though, I’m 58 inches around shoulders and am horrible at converting patterns what would you suggest my chain row start as?

    • 169

      Lorene says

      since it is made in the round, you’ll have to keep adding stitches until it is the diameter you want. I can’t give you an exact stitch count because there are too many factors to consider and I do not know your gauge. I’d say you’d want it to be at least 60″ long (in a multiple of 3)

  57. 171

    sasha says

    I’m still a learner so I truly appreciate the simplicity of the instructions for such a wonderful piece. I live in Lebanon, so I have never come across the brands I see in the patterns, so the yarn I’m using for this project is thinner than yours. My hook is smaller too; I’m using a 5 hook. I started with a total of 135 stitches all around. It actually made no difference in the first 5 rows that the number was odd since my chain three counted as a TC between the starting and final FPTC. I’m in row 4 of the shells now, but I don’t know how loose the cowl should be. It fits me across the shoulders and across all my torso, but I don’t know if it’s too tight. I noticed that in my piece the shells section looks tighter than the first 5 rows. Is the cowl supposed to be tighter around that area? I’m guessing I’ll have to restart the cowl. Thanks for the beautiful pattern!

    • 172

      Lorene says

      The tension should be the same all the way through, though it may appear that the tc portion is larger because it is more bulky because of the post sts. It should fit somewhat snug when wrapped around the upper arms and torso. You can either use less tension for the shell portion or a slightly larger hook for that section only.

  58. 173

    Shannen says

    I am currently working on this. When I get to the end of the shell part and start the hdc I keep coming out with 96 hdc. I have done it 6 times and I can’t seem to get 99 stitches. I have 33 shells around so can you help help me figure out what I am doing wrong please.? Any help would would be much appreciated. TIA!

    • 174

      Lorene says

      I’m not sure, did you watch the video? But if you have 33 shells then there is no way possible that you can have 96sts. Since there are 3sts in each shell (33×3= 99). Just add 3sts in there somewhere (2dc in 3 different sts, spaced evenly around the cowl). Best of luck.

  59. 175

    Savannah says

    Hello..I would like to make this for my sister, however, I feel a little intimidated by the over 170 comments. Do I need to incorporate all of your replies when working the pattern or did you add items in the pattern after the comments? Also, could an experienced beginner do this or what level do you feel this pattern is?

    • 176

      Lorene says

      Any and all errors that appeared in a comment have been corrected. There is also a video tutorial for this pattern. It is very simple to make! Enjoy!

  60. 177

    Nicole says

    Hi, I was just wondering if this pattern would work with or could be modified to use bulky weight yarn (5) and if so do you have any suggestions on how it would be modified.


    • 178

      Lorene says

      The pattern is simply alternating sections of dc stitches. You can use any yarn. Just make your first row to the length that you want the total height of your cowl to be. Then continue to crochet until you’ve reached your total desired circumference. Stitch together just like the patterns says… OR you can make it exactly the same but just end up with a larger finished cowl. Be sure to use the hook size recommended for your yarn. Good luck!

    • 180

      Lorene says

      Thank you. I’d need to know your measurement all the way around the top of your shoulders and the measurement around your bust and arms.

  61. 181

    Terri says

    Did you know that the video is different from your written instructions i.e., where you say chain 4 in row 3, video is saying chain 3.
    There are other instances of this as well. Are we to follow the video or your written instructions? Just asking… Thanks,

    • 182

      Lorene says

      there were some small changes made to the pattern after the video was made. it won’t make too much of a difference over all but follow the written pattern.

  62. 183

    Terri says

    Hi Lorene,

    The pattern is gorgeous. I don’t know how but I have 43 shells instead of 33. Is this something I have to be concerned about and take apart or can I keep the 43?

    • 184

      Lorene says

      I would go back and try to figure out why you have 43. Did you count your sts in the last fp row? was it 99? Did you perhaps add sts when doing your fp sts?

  63. 185

    Ruby Villarreal says

    I actually use the bump on the chain to place my foundation stitches. It makes a very neat edge and you can easily join the ends without a twist.

  64. 188


    i have been crocheting since i was 8 yrs old, i’m soon to be 57 in March.

    i am soooo excited i saw your post!!!! i am a FAN!!!! i love your concept, and spelling of your name!!! – and to have EIGHT designers contributing???!!! soooo cool.

    i JUST (yesterday) took the plunge into the process of creating a “.com”…..wish i would have seen your site first,…
    VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! nice job ladies…..i wish you much sucess!!!! you are all so talanted!!!

    • 189

      Lorene says

      Thank you. The great thing about owning your own website/blog is that you can change it anyway you like. Good luck!

    • 191

      Lorene says

      Some patterns are free for a limited time only. This way I am able to offer patterns that would typically be paid to my fans for free for some time.

      • 192


        Hi Lorene,
        I made one cowl/shrug and it turned out great – thanks so much for the free pattern. I then bought the pattern on Etsy last week and it is slightly different and I think has a couple of typos in it… Do you have an updated version posted on Etsy? Sorry for the dumb question – it was the first thing I’ve ever bought on that site. Specifically – I think Round 7 (chain 3 but then sl stitch into the top of the chain 2…), then after round 8 it says rounds 6-26… Sorry to be nitpicking but I want to have the same success with my future products as I did the first. Thanks so much.

        • 193

          Lorene says

          I did change a few things.. I’ll take a look and make any corrections, and then I’ll send out a new copy to everyone who purchased on Ravelry. Thanks for letting me know :)

  65. 198

    Cris says

    Oh no ! I started making this in December but became ill and haven’t been able to crochet again till just recently and wanted to finish this one. Do I need to purchase your pattern now to be able to finish it ? I was probably about half way.
    Thanks in advance for any information you can help me with.

  66. 200

    Tasneem says

    I started this Cowl in July I’m half way done n half of it still left. Had to leave half as I was travelling to my Country n as a result couldn’t complete n now when I’m back n started this again I found it a paid Pattern. Please help as this is a pending Order. Just started taking orders n this was my 2nd order. I’m stuck please help.

  67. 202

    Jamie says

    Love this pattern!! Just wanted to ask if it was in English or American crochet terms, I was a little confused when starting the cowl.

  68. 204


    I’m so sad. I started this pattern before February and was halfway through. I’m sad to see that it was retired. :( If only I had known it would be retired. I hate to unravel all my hard work.


  1. […] In first place is this beautiful Cowl/Shrug by Cre8tion Crochet. She has a great site and this pattern is one of my favorites… Not to mention… My oldest daughter started this project right when it was posted to my Facebook segment, I can’t wait to see her finished project!  Check out the pattern and more from Cre8tion Crochet! by heading over to her site! […]

  2. […] In first place is this beautiful Cowl/Shrug by Cre8tion Crochet. She has a great site and this pattern is one of my favorites… Not to mention… My oldest daughter started this project right when it was posted to my Facebook segment, I can’t wait to see her finished project!  Check out the pattern and more from Cre8tion Crochet! by heading over to her site! […]

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